“Swing into Adventure: Discover Cebu’s Golfing Gems” April 23-26, 2024

The picturesque island of Cebu, known for its stunning beaches and rich culture, has another treasure to offer—its world-class golf courses. From April 23-26, 2024, the Department of Tourism sponsored a grand event, the Cebu Swing: Golf Tourism Playing Familiarization Tour, aimed at showcasing Cebu’s golfing gems to key industry players. Let’s recap this exciting journey.



Day 1 – Arrival and Tour 1

The tour kicked off with a morning flight from Manila to Cebu. Guests gathered at Cebu Airport, excited for the adventure ahead. A transfer was provided from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Club Filipino de Cebu Inc in Danao City, where the opening address was delivered by the Director of the Department of Tourism, accompanied by other higher-ranking officials. A ceremonial tee-off marked the beginning of an unforgettable experience.

The day continued with a round of 18 holes, offering players a taste of the challenges and beauty of Club Filipino de Cebu Inc. Lunch was served at the Club House, providing a moment of relaxation and camaraderie. Afterward, guests proceeded to One Tectona Hotel at Yati, Liloan, Cebu, where they checked in and enjoyed fellowship with light snacks and drinks, followed by a delightful fellowship dinner.


Day 2 – Tour 2

After a restful night, guests began their day with breakfast at One Tectona Hotel, gearing up for another day of adventure. The group then proceeded to Alta Vista Golf & Country Club in Cebu City for another round of 18 holes. Lunch at the Club House was followed by a visit to Titay’s for pasalubong, where guests could purchase souvenirs at their own expense.

Back at One Tectona Hotel, a sumptuous dinner awaited the tired yet exhilarated guests, providing an opportunity to share stories and feedback from the day’s experiences.


Day 3 – Tour 3

With two days of golfing bliss behind them, guests enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading to Liloan Golf & Leisure Estate at Yati, Liloan, for their final round of golf. The day concluded with lunch at the Club House, followed by free time at the driving range for those who wanted to continue playing.

The evening brought the Gala and Farewell Dinner, a fitting end to the tour. Guests mingled, exchanged contact information, and bid farewell to the beautiful island of Cebu.


Day 4 – Departure

As the tour came to a close, guests enjoyed a final breakfast at One Tectona Hotel before departing for Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The memories of the Cebu Swing: Golf Tourism Playing Familiarization Tour will surely linger in the minds of all who attended, showcasing the beauty and hospitality of Cebu’s golfing community.

The event was a resounding success, thanks to the Department of Tourism’s sponsorship and the warm welcome extended by the golf courses and accommodations. Cebu’s golfing gems have been unveiled, ready to enchant golf enthusiasts from around the world.