We are nothing without our community

You have heard us say it before and it’s really so simple. Our community tell us what they want to hear or read about or see. It guides us and pushes us to strive to develop the right materials with the best user ready experience. We have groups of people that regularly engage into the essence of every bit of news, instructional video and how-to guide that we post. Without them, we wouldn’t be here and that’s why our focus has always been on the people that we serve.

Our guidelines for every piece we share or post is NIU – New, Insightful, and Unique Information. It is about developing the trust that is needed to make sure people coming back to be a part of what we call our GolfPH resource center filled with news, events, equipment reviews and tips.

To insure we provide the best tailor content for our readers, we supplement our free content by offering specific products or services that will directly benefit our community.

It will be easy for you to add your product to the enrichment of our community by filling out the short form below. Someone will be in contact with you within 48 business hours.

Just a Few Facts

Did you know (about golfers)…

-…the average household income is almost DOUBLE the average?
-…over 90% of all golfers use the Internet regularly?
-…their average net worth is 6x the National average?
-…91% own their own home & 23% own a second home?
-…83% are above the age of 40 & are working professionals?

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