Planning a Golf Tournament in the Philippines

Planning a Golf Tournament in the Philippines

Are you planning a tournament for 20, 30, 50, 100+ golfers?

Some people might say this is an extremely daunting task because for anyone who has played at a tournament or attended one, you would know that not even your typical experienced event coordinator could pull off a successful event.

You might be thinking, well why not? It’s no different and has less people than planning a wedding right? Vendors, location, day of organization and team management. Plus of course understanding your clients needs or special requests. Planning a wedding or a corporate event is definitely challenging in its own way. There are a lot of integral parts that most people don’t know how to make work together. It takes someone very knowledgeable about each of those pieces to make each part flow the way it should.

In that same way, tournament planning is the same way. A foundation of the game of golf is essential to any any successful tournament. Not only will you need vendors, you will someone who knows how to group players, schedule tee times, operate the starter’s box (do you even know what that is? haha), allow for time for players to rest between the front 9 and back 9 holes, and understand the necessity of sponsorships.

Yes, there are some similarities such as managing catering and choosing venues, but did you know that most of the best courses don’t allow people to host tournaments at their courses without a member endorsement or affiliation?

Planning a Golf Tournament in the Philippines

GolfPH provides the service of tournament planning for banks restaurant groups, charity foundations, hospitals and many other organizations. Our specialty is an understanding of each piece of the event and how to predict what may or may not happen. It is for this reason that the companies we work with don’t require us to “bid” for the job. They approach us.

Our goal is make sure you event runs smoothly and that all your golfers leave happy. For inquiries please contact us at [email protected].