NUSTAR Tees Off its First-Ever Golf Invitational in Cebu

The inaugural NUSTAR Golf Cup, held at the stunning Alta Vista Golf and Country Club in Cebu on May 24, 2024, was an event brimming with excitement, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments.

Hosted by NUSTAR Resort and Casino, this premier event brought together VIPs and valued partners to showcase the best of golf and wellness tourism in Cebu. The atmosphere was electric, with participants and guests eagerly anticipating the unique blend of luxury and sport that the event promised.

The festivities began on May 23 with a warm welcome for participants arriving at the airport. The NUSTAR team greeted guests and provided transportation to the resort, ensuring a seamless and stressfree start to their experience.Early arrivals on Thursday were treated to an exclusive tour of the grand NUSTAR Resort, where they marveled at the stunning architecture and top-tier amenities. The evening culminated in a sumptuous dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Mott32, setting the stage for the exciting day ahead.Participants also had the option to drop off their golf bags at the Fili Hotel Concierge as they checked in, adding a touch of convenience to their stay. The thoughtful inclusion of goodie bags added to the excitement, providing a delightful surprise for the tournament’s participants.

The main event on May 24 kicked off with an early morning meet-up at the Fili Hotel Lobby, followed by a scenic drive to Alta Vista Golf and Country Club.

As we arrived to the venue, we were greeted by the Nustart team and directed to the main ballroom where we were treated to a lavish breakfast buffet. A welcoming speech and a detailed player’s briefing set the tone for the day’s activities.The tournament began with a shotgun start on the picturesque Alta Vista course, known for its challenging layout and breathtaking views. The morning was filled with intense competition and camaraderie among the players, as they navigated the course’s unique challenges and enjoyed the stunning scenery.

After a few hours on the greens, participants gathered for a delightful lunch, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. The atmosphere was lively and full of laughter, reflecting the spirit of the event.

In the afternoon, everyone returned to the NUSTAR Resort and Casino, where they had a few hours to relax, enjoy their rooms, and explore the resort’s exceptional facilities.

The event concluded with a grand awarding ceremony, a fitting end to a day filled with highlights.

The team of Paul Jake Castillo, Thomas James Castillo, Vincent Osmena, and Errol Chua emerged as the champions of the First NUSTAR Resort Invitational Golf Tournament. Their outstanding skills and teamwork were celebrated during the awarding ceremony, marking the pinnacle of a successful and enjoyable event.

Alan Teo, NUSTAR Resort and Casino’s chief operating officer, emphasized the event’s significance, saying, “Golf is a sport that teaches us patience, precision, and perseverance. Today, we witnessed not just the competitive spirit of our players but also the joy and camaraderie that this sport brings. We look forward to many more successful tournaments in the future.”Cebuano entrepreneur and TV personality Paul Jake Castillo expressed his pride in showcasing Cebu as a premier destination for prestigious events, adding, “The best part would have to be that Cebu was showcased as a destination for events such as this Golf Invitational. NUSTAR has set the stage for more exciting events in the future.”The NUSTAR Golf Cup 2024 was more than just a tournament—it was a celebration of sportsmanship, friendship, and the vibrant potential of Cebu as a hub for world-class events. With its commitment to excellence, NUSTAR Resort and Casino has firmly positioned itself as the ultimate lifestyle destination in the Visayas and Mindanao region. The event ended on a high note, with participants eagerly anticipating many more such memorable occasions in the years to come.