Clark / Angeles Golf Courses

Angeles City Golf Courses

Angeles, the city popularly known as the former home to the US bases, is also known as one of the “Best Places to Live in the Philippines”.

After the Second World War, a lot of the United States military forces remained in the Philippines for almost 50 years. During those years, the Clark Air Base helped the economy of Angeles City to rise and was very influential in bringing golf to the Clark Angeles area.

Currently there are 7 golf clubs around the Clark Angles area, but have plans of more to come:

Two years after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, the Americans left and the former US base returns as Clark Special Economic Zone,where the Clark International Airport is located. The CSEZ, continues to help recompensate the loss of jobs and income that was generated previously by the existence the US Base in Angeles City.

A huge driver of the city’s economy is derived mainly on tourism (golf, sailing, nightlife, international cuisines and gambling). Whereas the Fields Avenue was rebranded into a destination for fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels and casinos.

Besides the many golf courses throughout the area, there is also a proposal of constructing a Formula One quality circuit, occupying a 2,000 hectare lot facing the North Luzon Expressway. This would enable the country to host international car-racing events including the world renowned Formula One series soon.

Angeles City became one of the metropolitan areas with high gross domestic product rates.

Clark, Angeles City continues to rise economically, and it is best to plan these investments while having a good time relaxing and playing golf at the several golf courses in Angeles City.