Five Simple Steps to Ensure A Great Golf Experience in the Philippines

Five Simple Steps to Ensure A Great Golf Experience in the Philippines
Five Simple Steps to Ensure A Great Golf Experience in the Philippines

If you have ever played golf anywhere in Southeast Asia, you have likely heard of the wonderful courses in the Philippines. Thousands of people visit to play each year. The beautiful scenery and perfect weather combine to form a true golfer’s paradise. However, if you don’t plan wisely, your trip can turn into a nightmare faster than you may think possible. To avert that fate and ensure a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, follow these five simple steps that will ensure you have a great experience on your vacation in the Philippines:

Step 1: Choose the right course

Five Simple Steps to Ensure A Great Golf Experience in the Philippines

There are different types of courses such as Links, Parkland, Heathland, and Resort Courses.

With over 70 courses available throughout the area, choosing the right course (or courses!) to play on is imperative. Do you want to (and are you able to) play a full 18 hole course or do you prefer for 9 hole courses? Each course caters to different skill levels. Are you looking for a challenge or do you want the most scenic course possible? Know these things in advance.

Step 2: Consider location for hotel and courses

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Studying a local map can help you figure out the best place to stay.

Is the course close to the hotel, or wherever you may be staying? This may be more important than you think. As a foreigner, you may not be prepared for the volume of traffic in the Philippines. You will never get anywhere quickly so keep travel time and multiple stops to a minimum. If you are playing at multiple courses, choose a hotel located at a reasonable distance from all of them.

Step 3: Transportation

Ensure A Great Golf Experience in the Philippines

For larger groups, a van would be the perfect choice.

This is important because some of the best local courses are located in areas that do not offer taxi service. Finding a taxi to the course shouldn’t be a problem. Getting back home is the problem. If this is the case, you may have to look at renting a car or private driver to reach your location. It is a lot more practical and affordable than it seems.

Step 4: Know the local rates

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Make calls, do research, and be updated to avoid paying too much.

If possible, have a pretty good idea of what you expect to spend on each purchase in advance. This includes caddy fees, cart fees, food, tips, and any other expense you may have. Sometimes people try to take advantage of foreigners so it is best to know what the going rates are.

Step 5: Don’t procrastinate

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Never book your tee time at the last minute.

By doing research in advance and planning sagaciously, you will avoid many of the possible pitfalls that could happen in a golf vacation. Many of these courses have tournaments or fill up quickly. Make sure you book well in advance to ensure good availability, and know what to expect each step of the way. As with all vacations, you can’t expect everything to go as planned. The more diligent you are with the planning process the less likely there will be any set-backs.

If you follow these five simple steps, your golfing experience will likely be as warm and sunny as the weather in the Philippines is! You will avoid most of the common errors travelers make; you will be well-prepared, and be armed with information that will make your trip and enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

What you will experience instead is a wonderful golfing trip to many of the world’s premier courses. You will get to play some of the most challenging holes in some of the most beautiful area on Earth. You will never forget your Philippines golfing adventure, so plan your trip today! Happy golfing!

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