A Special Thank You to All Our Participants

A Special Thank You to All Our Participants Team Zenea (Joel A. Pineda, Rolly R. Malig, Eric R. Illescas, Carlos A. De Guzman)

GolfPH would not exist if it weren’t for our passionate and loyal members. This tournament also would not have happened without all of our wonderful participants. It was a fun and exciting event and the entire GolfPH team is thankful for every single person who attended.

A Special Thank You to All Our Participants

Team Zenea (Joel A. Pineda, Rolly R. Malig, Eric R. Illescas, Carlos A. De Guzman)

Golfph Sponsors

Team Manila Nomads FC (Steven Borrill, Mark Johnson, Michael Denison, David Denison)

GolfPH Beloved Sponsors

Team AGC (Jose, D. Oca, Carlos Francisco, Cary Uy, Albert Nepomuceno, Ronald Paulino)

Thanks for the support of our sponsors

Team FORE!!! (Mr. Scott Gill, Mr. Joel Fischl, Mr. Jan Biezepol, Mr. Mark Lindsey)

GolfPH List of sponsors

Team Vespa (Mr. Willy Q. TeeTen, Mr. Ben Malcontento, Dr. Ed Bolaños, Mr. Raymond Sangil)

GolfPH sponsor

Team Eagleton (Mr. Ritesh Bhatia, Mr. Brian Quinn, Pete Walkins. Gp)

GolfPH Tournament Sponsor

Team TLO #1 (Paul Carpio, Ed Olondriz, Jun Santos, Voltaire Enriquez)

GolfPH Event Sponsor

Team TLO #2 (Mr. Boy De Fiesta, Mr. Jojo Hemandez, Mr. Erik Chua, Mr. Jasper Ong)

GolfPH Sponsors List

Team Josh (yoshimi Sasaoka, Kiichi Hinami, Yoshinori Yasui)

GolfPH Thanks to Our Sponsors

Team Mixed Nuts #1 (Toti Ramos, Randy Cinci, Jeff Coojacinto, Peter Sanchez)

Sponsors List in the Tournament

Team Liu Ping #1 (Mr. Wu Zhengping, Mr. Lan Chunhai, Mr. Wang Yong, Mr. Li Hui)

List of all sponsors during event

Team Liu Ping #2 (Mr. Liu Ping, Mr. Hong Weisheng, Mr. Zhang Junqing, Mr. Cui Binhua)

Successful event with sponsor

Team Liu Ping #3 (Mr. Ding Jiaren, Mr. Du Lunbo, Mr. Johnson Cheng, Mr. Huang Xiang)

List of all Sponsors on GolfPH Tournament

Team Byltax (Nils Alsatra, Mats Hillerstam, Dave Brodet, Peter Willhelmsson)

Winner of Prizes

Team Glenn (Mr. Glenn Chan, Mr. Carlo Villegas, Mr. Dick Escalona, Mr. Paul Co)

GolfPH event sponsor

Team Liu Ping #5 (Mr. Zhang Xiang, Ms Ma Chunmei)

GolfPH Sponsored Items

GolfPH events

GolfPH Event and Tournament

GolfPH List of all active sponsors

GolfPH tournament wont run without sponsor

GolfPH Sponsors and List of events anually

Thanks for the Sponsors
Thank you again for your continual support and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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