The Makings of A Great Golf Course

With almost a hundred golf courses in the Philippines, what can you say is your favorite golf course? What makes you prefer it over other courses in the country? What exactly makes a golf course great? Here are several factors that you might want to consider in booking your tee time for your next golf adventure:


The Makings of A Great Golf Course

When you pay for something, it’s but natural to expect to receive top service. That should be the case when it comes to choosing a golf course in which to play at. Perhaps for you a quality service is having a reliable caddy who knows a lot about the course. Maybe it’s about having someone meet you at the bag drop area just to check if everything is well with you. It doesn’t really matter how you define service. Nothing beats playing at a course that not only lets you have a round of golf, but more importantly provides you a worthwhile experience.



Well, who doesn’t love to play a challenging round? Admit it or not, difficulty is one of the reasons that draws golfers to play at a particular golf course. After all, nobody wants to play at boring and predictable links. Choose to play at a course with a layout offers a fair but challenging game to every player.



For most golfers, this is their top criteria for choosing a great golf course to play at. After all, poor conditions can ruin any game no matter how great the location or history a course may have. It’s always nice to play at courses that are always in great shape no matter what the season may be, so look for a course that has well maintained fairways and greens.



Admit it or not, a course’s location is a big factor golfers always consider in choosing where to play golf. That’s why highly accessible courses are usually those which are considered the most successful ones. Also, breathtaking sceneries and views actually help turn an average course into a special place golfers would love to return to.



A course’s clubhouse can make or break it. After all, it’s the first thing that people see when they arrive at a course. Their overall golf game experience is not confined to the fairways. It begins and ends in the clubhouse. We always love clubhouses that have a welcoming ambience, classy and well-maintained.



Well, who wants to play at the top courses in the country? Of course, everybody! There must be something special in a golf course that made it on the prestigious list. So whether it’s popular because it has a rich history or because the likes of Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods graced their greens, the only way we can know if the rumors are true is to judge it ourselves.

These are just some of the factors that make a golf course great. And it is important to realize that every golfer has different preferences when it comes to choosing the golf course in which he would like to play at. That’s why it’s always better to do some research on what to expect before you go and grab your equipment and head out on a course near you. If you want the ultimate golfing experience in the country and play only at the best courses the Philippines has to offer, consider booking with GolfPH now.

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