GOLF ETIQUETTE: Let’s Play “Ready Golf”

GOLF ETIQUETTE: Let's Play "Ready Golf"

Are you longing for an action-packed, fast-paced game of golf? Are you getting tired of playing with your group at an unbelievably slow rate? Do you want to improve and speed up your playing time and avoid becoming a nuisance to other golfers? Then choose to apply the rule of “Ready Golf” to your play! It is more than just a general practice, but more so part of the golf etiquette every avid golf player should learn. It’s all about thinking ahead and preparing yourself even when it’s not yet your turn.

On the Tee

One common misconception about Ready Golf is that the player who is ready at the tee should be the one to hit first. Truth is, Ready Golf means the player with the honors (the one who won the rock-paper-scissors or even the toss coin) should be ready to hit first. It is only when the player isn’t ready that someone else gets the opportunity to hit first.

On the Fairway
Play Golf at Fairway

How many times have you seen golfers watch other players hit first and only starts preparing for their own shot when it’s their turn? When doing Ready Golf, all golfers should approach their balls as soon as possible and prepare to do their next shot. This includes surveying their shot, selecting the clubs they’re going to use and standing next to their balls, ready to make their shot once it is their turn.

How do you do that without interfering or getting hit by the ball? Take a walk on the sides of the fairway in order to reach your ball.

Finding Lost Balls
How to Play Golf properly

There are no rules that go against you trying to help other players find their lost balls. However, it is important that you should know when to do it. Look for a lost ball after you are able to hit your shot and not before. Instead of getting ready for their shot, most golfers try to find each others lost ball and end up wasting time as well.

Simply put, the player who gets to hit last (the one closest to the pin) should be the one to help the player who lost his ball. On the other hand. the one farthest from the pin shouldn’t even try to bother helping out, but concentrate on playing his shot first. Only when you have finished your turn do you resume your helping the other plater look for the lost ball. Remember, don’t let a lost ball slow your game!

Approaching and Leaving the Greens
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Never leave your clubs in front of a green, but instead place them at the back or side of the green whatever is closest to the next tee. Be considerate of the next team who will play. It is always annoying to see players walking to the front of a green to get their clubs even though they have already putted out. Moreover, refrain from standing around the green whether it’s because you are still chatting with your golf buddies or are writing down scores. After everyone in the group has putted, go to the next tee to give way to the group behind.

Playing on the Greens
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You’re not playing at the Master’s, so there’s really no need spend so much time around the putting green. A lot of golfers actually wait and only surveys the putt when it is already their turn! When you play Ready Golf on the greens, it means you have to be ready to putt even before your turn. Also, while there are no definite time rules when it comes to putting, the rule of thumb would be to putt within 20 seconds on your turn. This simply means that you have to be able to approach the ball, make your stance and putt within 20 seconds. We’re not saying that you should rush because you’ll likely end up making a rough and hurried stroke. Prepare to putt in advance you can take your time and play ready golf.

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