Must-Have Accessories for Golfers

Must-Have Accessories for Golfers

The peak season of playing golf in the Philippines has finally arrived! This means nicer weathers, more tee times and more people hitting the golf courses. But before you pack your equipment and head out to the nearest course, know that there are also other things you can use while playing, aside from the bags, balls and clubs that you usually bring with you. Here are five must-have accessories specifically made for golfers that you could use to improve your game on the links:

Yardage Pro

Although a lot of phones already have apps that can be used as rangefinders, there are times when bringing out your phone on the golf course may elicit mixed interpretations especially from other golf players. That’s when a yardage pro device like Bushnell comes in handy. With a user-friendly size and interface, it can provide you with all the necessary information about the course you’re playing at, including your exact location and potential hazards you may encounter along the way. Plus, this device gives you statistical information by tracking your strokes .

Golf Buddy Multipurpose Tool

Who says multipurpose tools similar to a Swiss Army Knife can only be found in hiking and camping trips? Now there’s an all-in-one tool specifically designed for golf. For less than a thousand pesos (around $15), you get to have an easy to carry compact device that includes a cleat tightener, a ball marker, stroke counter, a divot tool, cleaner and yes– even a bottle opener. Imagine how much money you can save on this tool as compared to buying each of these tools individually.

Cleaning Kit

Golf clubs are really expensive that’s why you need to take good care of them. Having a cleaning kit to take with you on the golf course allows you to keep your clubs neat and clean. Also keep in mind that golf clubs are part of your overall ensemble while playing and you would really want to look good while using them. A cleaning kit usually contains a solvent, a polisher as well as spray. Aside from that, it usually includes a brush for your woods and another one for your irons.

Stat Tracker

Keep track of your performance statistics by bringing a stat tracker organizer whenever you play golf. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer an electronic device or would want something more on the conventional side– a notebook with a nice case and a pen slot!

Equipment Organizer

We all know that playing golf requires you to bring a lot of things with you and not all of them can fit in just one bag without getting all messed up. That’s why purchasing an equipment/trunk organizer is definitely a must-have for avid golf players especially those who like to travel to different golf courses. It cuts your preparation time in half and lets you organize your things better. Not only can you store your equipment, but there are also available slots where you can store your shoes, cleat, shirts, pants, etc. Most trunk organizers are durable and easy to carry.

Sometimes it’s those seemingly insignificant things that can make our lives easier and more fun. That’s exactly what these accessories can do to you as a golfer. Get to experience a whole new level of fun playing golf when you have these five accessories in your bag. Come and let’s play golf!

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