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Subic International Golf Club has a long history: the golf course was established in the 1960s as a US military recreation facility and has been run by people from all over the world since then such as Taiwan and Korean companies. In 2016, Subic International Golf Club inherited this golf course filled with over half a century of memorable history and transformed it into one of the Best Golf Course in the Philippines in December 2018.

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Subic International Golf Club was originally designed by Desmond Muirhead, a renowned golf course architect, and reconstructed into the challenging course layout that has incorporated the natural environment and allows the player to enjoy various strategic shots. Surrounded by a rainforest untouched for thousands of years and abundant water sources, the view from any angle is stunning.

There are two noteworthy facts: the challenging greens and 4 to 5 tee grounds on each hole. Regarding the green, the seamlessly planted Paspalum grass allows the shape of green to be flexible. In addition, most commonly the green is structured with two panels of grass, but Subic International Golf Club greens use five panels. Therefore, the undulation of the greens can be created differently. In this way, our 18 Hole Championship Golf course (Par 72 and 7,100 yards) is designed for a wide range of golfers.



Magnificent View
In the Subic Freeport Zone, deforestation is strictly forbidden. Unlike most golf courses across the world where forests are cut down and trees are planted, our golf courses own the rainforest that has been untouched for thousands of years. This breath-taking view of the rainforest is unique beyond comparison and enriches your experience of playing golf.

Amazing Course
From Tee grounds, through fairways, to Greens, Subic International Golf Club seamlessly planted a new generation of grass called Paspalum that is known for its high quality. Although the green is mostly formed with one or two panels in the Philippines, Subic International Golf Club used five panels. That makes Subic International Golf Club greens flexible and challenging undulations. In addition, there are four to five tee grounds on each hole denoting the different yardages. This top-quality method of construction is unseen in the rest of the country.

Superb Maintenance
To prepare for the rainy and dry seasons of the Philippines, we have imported drainage pipes and parts from the US known as “the Rolls-Royce equipment in the golf maintenance world.” During the rainy season, to prevent puddling of water on the tee grounds, greens, and fairways, the pipes are laid throughout the grounds and effectively drain the excess rain into rivers and ponds. Subic International Golf Club also make full use of the ample supply of water from the rivers by watering the grass using water from the river. In order to offer a miraculous experience for our guests year-round, Subic International Golf Club thoughtfully maintain the course.

Hospitality and International Standards
Subic International Golf Club pride is not just limited to the quality of golf course and maintenance, but also hospitality — the essence of service. Smile, Attentive attitude, Quick and Active Response. These is the motto for all of Subic International Golf Club staff here at the Subic International Golf Club.


Located in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, the Subic International Golf Club is a resort area surrounded by the ocean and mountains, with humidity levels lower than Manila throughout the year.

Subic Internationl Golf Club Club House Entrance

By Car
150min. Ninoy Aquino International Airport
60min. Clark International Airport
10min. Subic Bay International Airport

By Sea Plane
20min. Manila Bay ⇔ Subic Bay International Airport
(Sea Plane operated by Air Juan)

6900 Binictican Drive,Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales,Philippines, 2222
TEL: 047-250-3765

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