Pradera Golf and Country Club

Barangay Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga
H=18 P=72

Pradera Golf and Country Club

By: Jerboa Go

Front 9 – Blue Tees

Hole #1 – 349 Yards – H11
230 is the safest yardage.
2nd shot aim left of green for an uphill putt.

Hole #2 – 170 Yards – H17
180y yardage of middle of green.
Aim left center to avoid bunkers
Landing left will give an uphill putt.

Hole #3 – 554 Yards – H1
190y (Div II), 230y (Div I & II), 280y – trouble on the yardage gaps.
Best approach is to completely keep the water out of play. Go for a 200 yard tee shot just before the bunker.
On your 2nd shot, be mindful of your landing area. The water extends a lot to the left so it will be a bit narrow there.
Right side (trouble side) of green will give you an uphill putt

Hole #4 – 418 Yards – H5
220y (Div II), 260 (Div I)
Be mindful driving it past 260 (Trouble ahead).
Over the green area difficulty: Hard so try to play short. If you land on the front side of the green, it will leave you with an up and down putt.

Hole #5 – 405 Yards – H9
260-270 to the green
Be mindful of tee mound. It is a bit uphill. Best play is to hit a 200 yard shot straight which will leave you around 130-140 yard 2nd shot to the green.
Front side of the green will leave you with an uphill putt.

Hole #6 – 446 Yards – H3
Anything over is risky
You’ll be left with 170 to 180y on your 2nd shot.
Aim left center of the green as water is in play.
Play short if not confident as the green is guarded by two bunkers.

Hole #7 – 372 Yards – H13
Anything over is risky
Tricky view from the tee. Trust the yardage given. Aim right of bunker.
If you hit 230y, you’ll be left with a 130y to 140y shot to the green.
Aim right as greenside bunker on the left is difficult and downhill putt from there (Kindly double check with caddie, might have mixed it up).

Hole #8 – 148 Yards – H15
Avoid right side at all cost

Hole #9 – 536 Yards – H7
Play safe with a 160 to 170y shot and you’ll be left with a 150y to 160y shot to the green.
Aim right as trouble on left side of the green.
Landing right will give you an uphill shot.
Severe uphill on front left side of green.

BACK 9 – Blue Tees

Hole #10 – 338 Yards – H12
Best tee shot landing area is pass the left bunker
Aim right side of green to avoid bunker
If confident go for right side of green as it will leave you with an uphill putt

Hole #11 – 174 Yards – H18
Play short if you have no confidence as green is guarded by bunkers.
Landing of the front left side of the green will give you an uphill putt

Hole #12 – 486 Yards – H14
Easy par 5. Only thing to take note is NEVER go over the green. Even a bit.

Hole #13 – 376 Yards – H2
Anything over is risky
Landing on front size of green will leave an uphill putt.
Avoid left side of green as there is a difficult downhill shot there.
Take note of shape of front edge of green (Div I please check to see how it is shaped. It will affect your approach shot)

Hole #14 – 398 Yards – H6
When your ball reaches the tree in the middle. You’ll be left with a 140-150y shot to the green.
Div I players can attempt to drive near the green. Take care of driving it too right or going over the greens. Water on both of these sides.
Aim the front side of the green. The putts at the back are harder.

Hole #15 – 161 Yards – H16
Aim a little left as there is more room for error.
A big bunker guards the right side.

Hole #16 – 383 Yards – H4
Long and small creek on the right side (hazard)
Long hitters can benefit from hitting it anywhere from 230 -250 and just pass the left bunker. Anything before or after those yardages is trouble.

Hole #17 – 295 – H10
Short hole but the greens are really guarded.
Play short if you think you are going to land into trouble for an easy par or bogey.

Hole #18 – 547 Yards – H8
Small creek on the right
There is no problem driving the ball before 240 as no bunkers and all fairway
Can hit two on if the drive is good. However, take note the green is an island green.
Play the middle of green. If you go over the hole, a tough approach awaits with bunkers guarding the front and back side of green, against the grass rough and water on the front.

Take Note:
1. There are “against the grass” on the fairway lies. It can affect your ball flight, shot and distance. So always check your lie.
2. If your club gets stuck on the practice swing and it doesn’t cut the rough, get a shorter iron (no longer than a pitching wedge). Long irons and woods won’t work on those types of rough.
3. Water / Mountain allowance is more noticeable on the last 4-5 holes of Pradera. Confirm with opponent’s putt. The first 14 isn’t that obvious.
4. 10 yard winds are consistent on my visits. Usually one club max. But your call.
5. Greens here are firm. Always give an allowance on roll when your ball hits the green. Best is carry the middle of the green.
6. Hitting hard on a windy course is not advisable. The ball will fly even further left or right with a mishit and makes the ball fly even higher, which also affects distance and consistency.
7. The sand is wet and heavy. What I did to adjust was to add yardage to my shot and hit it a little bit deeper.
8. Bring lots of water and your own snacks. The food at the two (2) tee houses is very simple.
9. Always use your umbrella. This is an open course. Anything can happen. My friend just got hit here by a ball on the throat the other day. Luckily, it was a shank.
10. Don’t lose your passport. Fee: PHP 3,000
11. Caddie fee: ‎500-600
12. No clinic

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