Fantasy Island Golf Club

Barangay Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista, Marinduque Island

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Fantasy Island Golf Course Description

Fantasy Island Golf Club is located at the Marinduque Island. They have a Par 36, 9-hole course patterned with a rolling terrain and man-made lagoons. The course is relatively hard to play due to the swift winds coming from the nearby sea.

Their facilities include a lounge, a restaurant, driving range, a swimming pool, and many others. Guests are welcome to visit the course without any reservations. They have varying rates on local residents and tourists. Basically, their location is at the Southern Tagalog Region.

To get to Fantasy Island Golf Club, you need to travel via air from Manila Domestic Terminal to the Marinduque Airport and take a 40-minute drive going to the golf course. RORO travelling is also available.

Fantasy Island Golf Club

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You can find accommodations at the Bellaroca Island Resort & Spa and on other smaller resorts in the island. Tourists can visit attractions like the Bathala Caves, Molbog Hot Springs, Tres Reyes Islands, and many more.

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