How to Save On Golf Using Vouchers

How to Save On Golf Using Vouchers

You hear it all the time. There are literally thousands of articles throughout the past year and a half that share the exact same theme.

Participation by Age - Then and Now

“Rough Times Ahead for Grassroots Golf?” (CNN)
“Decline in Golfers Around the World” (STRIKER GOLF)
“Where have all the golfers gone?” (CBS)

It’s not very attractive is it?

Everyone has their theory:
– Lack of interest in youth, because of the internet
– Failure to change old ways
– Tiger Woods falling off the planet

But in my humble opinion, one huge over looked reason why golf is on the decline in the Philippines is because it’s hard for beginners to even get on the course.

If you wanted to golf in the Philippines, what are your real options?

1) Buy a Membership at a Country Club, where you will continue to pay pricy monthly dues for the rest of the time you want to own that share.
2) Piggy Back or Mooch off of your friends who are members therefore inconveniencing them and yourself because you have to wait for their schedule to free up.
3) Play at a Public course = long waits and poor green conditions.

That’s the old way and sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to convince people to take up golf.

So What Can We Do?

One way is to make it easier and convenient for people to golf. In the US, they have a variety of options.

Book a tee time and pay a discounted rate with their partners

These sites allow players to choose a course, book a tee time and pay a discounted rate with their partners. This system makes golf way more convenient, cheaper and less committal than your traditional route. Unfortunately, these sites don’t service the Philippines.

What we do have is Vouchers


A voucher is like a gift certificate to a golf course. Usually it covers the green fees and you dont need to be a member of the course to use it (unless the terms and conditions state otherwise). All you would have to do is show up to the course, present the voucher and pay any additional fees that the course may have (caddy, cart, consumables…etc).

Where to get these Vouchers?

After partnering with golf courses for the past 8 years, we have convinced them to let us offer their vouchers to the public at a discounted rate. You can find them at the new golf voucher page that we created.

Here’s how it works.

1. Go Online here –
2. Select the course you want to play at and click more info
3. Select the type of voucher (weekday or weekend) and quantity.
4. Hit Add to Cart
5. Hit Proceed to Checkout
6. Let us know where to send the vouchers to and choose your payment method.

We plan to continually add more courses throughout the months. The more vouchers we sell for each course, the better the discounts and bonuses that the courses give to us, which we extend to you. Please let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing your comments.

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