Keep your Gear Safe on the Greens with the Bag Boy T-2000

Keep your Gear Safe on the Greens with the Bag Boy T-2000

With a name that sounds like the latest evil cyborg from the Terminator movies, you’ll be surprised that the Bag Boy T-2000 can actually be your golf clubs’ best friend. Sporting an unconventional golf bag design, the T-2000 delivers both protection and practicality on and off the greens.

The T-2000’s main highlight is its unique pivot grip travel cover. Typical golf bags would usually have a resealable hatch to place the golf clubs in it. The T-2000 stores the clubs in a similar manner, with an added touch of ingenuity. The handle on this bag acts both as a cover and a way to pull your bag. The handle turns as you move, reducing arm strain and constant repositioning as you walk on the greens. The in-line skates on the bag’s bottom allows smooth rolling, adjusting its position automatically to whatever direction you face.

Bag Boy T-2000

The unique and practical design that the T-2000 goes hand-in-hand with the tough material it’s made of. Designed for wear and tear, the 1680D nylon and PVC back guarantees total protection for your golf clubs. The padded top where the pivot grip rests is soft and tough, allowing enough space and protection for the clubheads.

“The Pivot Grip handle makes maneuvering the bag through airports and hotels so much easier by reducing arm, wrist and hand strain. Golfers will see and feel the advantage over traditional travel cover handles immediately.” Craig Ramsbottom, Dynamic Brands President

Keep your Gear Safe on the Greens

The best kind kind of protection for your golf gear does not mean having a big bag. It doesn’t even mean having to constantly lug your stuff around in fear you’ll lose or break your gear. All you need is the Bag Boy T-2000. It offers optimal protection for your clubs. It’s convenient and safe with the easy-to-maneuver pivot grip handle. It’s spacious enough to contain your golf equipment. Think of it as your golf gear’s personal cyborg bodyguard!

The Bag Boy T-2000 has a retail price of $170.00. It is available on most pro-shops and online stores. or your golf equipment needs, always remember to check out Pacsports. GolfPH members get 15% off on all items from this pro-shop.

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