Golf Stretches – What To Do Before Golf

Golf-Stretches – What To Do Before Golf

Warming up before any kind of physical exertion is important. This has always been advised by physical education coaches, athletic professionals, and gym instructors. Warming up before a physical activity is essential so as not to “shock” your body to any immediate physical movements after being in a more relaxed position. This also applies even when playing golf, a game people think doesn’t need much of any physical exertion.

As a matter of fact however, golf is very demanding and tiring to one’s back and hips because of the twists needed to do in order to make a perfect swing. Not undertaking the correct and substantial warm up before golf or any other sport for that matter, may lead to a lot of injuries to your body. You must warm up just enough to make you break a sweat and energize you for a game of golf. Here are some guidelines that can help you in warming up for a game of golf.

First, have a walk briskly for about three to five minutes. Walk around the car park or just in a quiet area around the course. This will help you initially stretch your leg and thigh muscles and warm you up in your breathing.

Next, do supported squats which will help in elevating your heart rate and increase your blood flow to the major muscle groups in your body. In this process, you will need a short club which you will be holding overhead. Your arms should be fully stretched above you. Put your hands on either end of the said club. Then squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground and stand up. Repeat this about 10 times. Rest and repeat it again.

After this, you can already do arm swings. Stand up straight with your arms on the sides. Then swing your arms back and forth in front of your body. Do this continuous motion for about 30 seconds.

Then do some side bends with the club. Do this by standing with a shoulder-width distance, and place the club on your shoulders. Then lead to one side but keeping your torso straight. Do not bend forward or backwards. Every time you bend sideways, hold for a count of two seconds then repeat this to the other side. Do about eight to ten stretches for each side.

After this, perform some alternate toe touches. Stand with your legs spread as far apart as comfortable as possible. Then lean forward toward one leg to stretch. Reach your right foot with your right arm until a comfortable stretch is felt in your lower back and also hamstrings. Then repeat this process now reaching your right foot with your left arm – making alternate stretches. Remember to skip this warm up exercise if you are prone to back pains.

Lastly, do some wrist extensions. Stand with your right arm stretched out and your palm facing the front. Then pull back your hand with the other hand until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Hold this for about ten seconds and then repeat with the other wrist.

Doing this will surely help you in preventing any type of injuries while playing golf. Moreover, these golf stretching exercises are very simple and easy to do. Remember that warming up before any physical activity, such as golf, will help your body adapt to any kind of pressure or exertion during the game. Always keep in mind to consider your safety before having fun.

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