Golf is For Women Too: Four Things To Do to Love Golf

Most women think that golf is not a sport for them simply because it’s a man’s game and they think they’re never going to be good at it. That’s why they don’t even bother coming to the golf course. Truth is however, golf can be anybody’s sport, regardless of whether you’re a lady or a gentleman. All you need to do is follow these four simple tips on how you can fall in love with golf.

Know the basics.

Golf is For Women Too: Four Things To Do to Love Golf

You cannot love something you don’t know anything about, so start with familiarising yourself with the basics of golf. Be comfortable with the equipment by knowing their names and how each one should be used. It is also important for you to learn the fundamentals of playing golf, such as knowing how to make a full swing, delivering a bunker shot or even knowing where the putting green is. As a woman, it’s natural for you to care how you look like, but there are clothing rules you need to follow when playing golf. Know what is and isn’t appropriate to wear. Surely, you wouldn’t want to call attention to yourself by not following the proper golf etiquette.

Be familiar with the facility.

Don’t let the formality of a clubhouse make you feel intimidated. You can do this by knowing where to drop off your clubs when you arrive, where to park your car, where the restrooms are located and other things like that. It is also good for you to learn how to make a tee time reservation yourself. Try your best to feel comfortable when you go to a golf course because these can make a big difference in changing your attitude towards playing golf.

Learn to enjoy the game.

Four Things To Do to Love Golf

Golf is supposed to be a fun sport, so don’t inhibit yourself to enjoying the game whether it’s learning how to putt or making a full swing. There’s always that satisfaction you can get when hitting a ball and seeing it fly or getting the ball into the hole.

Practice playing on the course.

lady Golfer

Nothing beats playing the game at a real golf course. If you think you’ve had enough golfing lesson, why not take your skills to the next level? The best way for a woman to fall in love with the sport is to try it out herself on the course. The sceneries, socializing with fellow golfers and the fulfilment you’ll feel after playing a round are only some of the things you can get out of playing on the course.

One important note you should always remember to truly love and enjoy playing golf: Don’t compare yourself to the men because truth is, women play the game on a different level. However, although you may not as strong as them, it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t play golf. Just like with everyone else, as long as you practice and develop golfing skills, you too, can definitely have fun playing it.

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