Control Your Club Face

Control Your Club Face

How To Control Your Clubface At Impact

An important skill for golfers to practice is controlling the angle of the club face during impact. You can also think of this as “where” the club face is pointing when contact is made. Club face angle at impact is a primary factor in determining which direction the ball starts. Below is a screenshot from the Flightscope launch monitor showing that the clubface at impact was pointed 2.4 degrees to the Right of the target line at impact. This club face information is vital when combined with the club’s path, as this is how you will achieve the desired shape of your shots. Here are some drills to learn club face control with or without the aid of a launch monitor.

GolfPH Control Your Club Face
Learn To See It and Feel It

A lie angle tool will quickly give you awareness as to where your club face is pointing in relation to your target line at impact. If you do not have a lie angle tool, another option is to adhere a golf tee to the club with a piece of double sided tape. With these visual aids in place, practice making the indicator point left, straight, and to the right of the target line.

GolfPH How to Control Your Club Face
GolfPH Controling Your Club Face
Learn To Do It

Here is a hitting drill to assist in evaluating where your club face is pointing at impact.
1. Lay down an alignment rod to represent the target line. Next, pace off 15 yards and place another alignment rod in the ground directly in line with the first rod.
2. Begin hitting short shots, while aligned directly at the range target rod. Use the feel provided by the lie angle tool to start the ball left, straight, and right. The initial starting direction of your ball will give feedback as to where the club face is pointed at impact.

Once you gain the ability to control starting line on short shots, graduate to longer swings. Soon you will be able to introduce club path control and gain the ability to shape your shots with ease.

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