M Cafe

M Cafe

Looking for a unique kind of dining experience in the heart of Makati City? If so, make your way to Ayala Center, specifically to the Ayala Museum Cafe or simply, the M Cafe. Found in the Ayala Museum, Greenbelt 4, this place is a restaurant/bar with a cozy atmosphere and a cosmopolitan feel. Once office hours are over, it truly is the ideal place to sit back and relax.

M cafe Restaurant

Apart from the sophisticated facade and the comfortable ambiance, one should not miss the chance to sample the delictible food choices offered in this establishment. Thanks to a master chef with influences from international cultures, you’re sure to find mouthwatering items on the menu. Whether it’s entrees or desserts, satisfaction is guaranteed. Be sure to bring your appetite, for you shall be brought to a special culinary journey.

One should not limit M Cafe to its food. You should also take the time to their their refreshing drinks. Once you’re past trying out juices and shakes, you should order some of the cafe’s cocktail creations. These elicious concotions will have you bubbly all night long.

Of course, M Cafe is not only only limited to a retreat at the end of the day. It opens at 8am and serves breakfasts to those who wish to start the day with a hearty meal. In addition, it is also open to corporate events such as meetings, conferences and even seminars. Setting aside the business setup, M Cafe is also a place fitted for personal affairs such as birthday parties and small get-togethers.

Now that you have an idea of where to go for good food and environment, the next step is actually going there. The place truly does not disappoint. You really haven’t been to Makati City without visiting M Cafe.

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