Little Asia

Little Asia

Little Asia offers different sumptious and unique dishes which everyone will definitely love. Their menu is a variety of flavors for your every mood. From the more traditional dishes like their signature crispy chicken to the more creative ones like the boneless tilapia with honey-mayo sauce, Little Asia makes sure that everyone who walks inside their restaurant goes out with a satisfied stomach and a happy smile on his face. Staying true to their slogan, Little Asia really delivers on bringing a symphony of flavors from different Asian cultures. The dishes are authentic, and the flavors bursting at every serving.

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The menu of Little Asia will easily make everyone keep coming. There is always something new to try, a new exciting dish to become a favorite, and a new experience to create. People have a choice among Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese. Whatever Asian fusion people might crave for, Little Asia as something for them.

But aside from the food, another reason that Little Asia flourishes as a restaurant is the interior of their restaurants. The three branches in Tomas Morato, Fort Bonifacion, and Greenhills Promenade have different themes, but all give out a playful ambiance which brings out the radiance of Asia. From the cozy furniture, to the ambiant lighting and the interesting decors that make each branch unique, Little Asia is a fusion different Asian cultures. Even the arrangement of the seats are very welcoming for bigger events, parties, and other different gatherings.

Little Asia also offers catering services for special functions. Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday, or office party, Little Asia will make it more memorable. And with great locations and a very nice interior and exterior, celebrations will be more festive and the dining experience a gastronomical success. For more information about their additional services, here are the numbers to call.


Little Asia
Greenhills Shopping Center
(02) 727-5265

Little Asia
Quezon City
(02) 373-0609

Little Asia
McKinley Hill
(02) 798-0354

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