GolfPH Corporate Packages

“The greatest business deals ever made are done on the golf course.” – Anonymous, 1979

Did you know that the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland was built in 1851 and was the first golf club ever?

Prestwick is famous for inventing The Open Golf Championships, which is the oldest of golf’s four major championships. He created the club not only because of his love for the game, but also because of the great influence that a round and a glass of scotch can have on a business relationship.

Throughout time, golf memberships and associations have not only been ways for its members to play golf at exclusive courses, but most importantly to make key business relationships on and off the course. Some of the greatest business dealings in history have been done over a round of golf. It is for this very reason why the elite corporate workers like Donald Trump have golf shares.

No matter where you are in the world, you know the value of playing this great game. Corporations worldwide have participated in owning shares to allow their employees access to a setting in which business can be done with potential clients, current VIP clients, and their own colleagues. In the Philippines alone, almost every large corporation owns a golf share. It’s a venue in which your mind is relaxed and your greatest asset is where you have access to play.

Since 2009, we have worked with many corporate groups ranging from airlines to banks to restaurant groups. It really never mattered what type of corporation it was, as long as the people in it loved GOLF!

The golf course is the perfect place to bring your VIP Clients, your Partners, and your colleagues. Impress them with what access you have.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons WHY a GolfPH Corporate Membership is perfect for your company:

  1. It’s Exclusive - Not every company is allowed.
  2. Perfect Business Venue - Golf is a great place to take clients, potential clients, and business partners to. Deals are made on the course.
  3. Team Bonding - The golf course is a great place to get out of the office, clear your mind and really get to know your office mates.
  4. Flexibility - we’ve partnered up with over 50+ Private Courses within the Philippines to give you playing access, even if you aren’t a shareholder. If you are already a shareholder, then you know, it can get boring playing at the same course every weekend.
  5. Networking - Our members are the elite of society the world. We span over Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. You will get to meet the right people.

The golf course is the perfect place to bring your VIP Clients, your Partners, and your colleagues. Impress them with what access you have.

The GolfPH Corporate Membership also includes:

  1. Golf Assistant - We handle all of the tee time bookings and arrangements for you, so you can leave that behind you on the course.
  2. Unlimited Playing Access - Over 70+ Public and Private Courses. You know how boring it can be to play at the same course every weekend.
  3. Networking Events -Invitations to our Business Networking and Cocktail Events with our other members (the next event is in December).
  4. Golf Tournament Planning - we can help you set one up for your company.
  5. Discounts - Green Fees (selected courses), Hotels, Retailers. And Tour Packages.
  6. Members Tour - Invitation to join our monthly members golf tour.
  7. GolfPH Tournament - Invitations and Discounts to our tournaments. (next one is in April 2013).

Our corporate memberships allow unlimited access to any of your employees, colleagues, business partners, potential clients or existing clients (as long as they are affiliated with you) to the above membership privileges.

For pricing and inquiry, please email us at [email protected] or feel free to give us a call at 0906-510-4758/0923-422-8070.