Introducing the Young Guns and Hard Hitters

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Young Guns and Hard Hitters

Who Is YGHH?

What exactly does YGHH stand for, you ask? This group calls themselves the Young Guns and Hard Hitters which is exactly what they are. Made up of men in their early 20’s to early 30’s, YGHH proves that for them, golfing is more than relaxing!

Young Guns and Hard Hitters Gathering

What Is Their Purpose?

YGHH exists to enjoy golf at it’s finest as a social sport, and to continue growth in their skill by holding their very own tournament once a year. Every June, they come together for their annual YGHH Golf Cup.

1st Golf Tournament of Young Guns and Hard Hitters2nd Golf Tournament of Young Guns and Hard Hitters

How Long Have They Existed?

This group of yuppies began with 5 golf enthusiasts that share their life-long love of golf and their common goal to simply just have fun. After meeting at gatherings and parties, they officially began playing together as a group just a little over one year ago.

What Keeps Them Successful?

In just one year, this gleeful group of youngsters has grown from a mere 5 members to 30! What’s their secret? Exposure, exposure, and more exposure. They’ve met several of their members at tournaments, outings, and even through different groups.

Golf is of course a major part of their existence, but more than that, they put a premium on friendships and bonding. After each tournament or just a round of golf, they all look forward to spending a night out for fun together.

Young Guns and Hard Hitters Group

Why Would Golfers Want To Join?

YGHH believes that players would want to join because it is more fun with the youth! For them, physical age is relative depending on how one lives their life. For the young in age and the young at heart, there’s no better group for you than this one.

Young Guns and Hard Hitters Gathering 2

What Makes Its Members Special?

Though this group isn’t particular with gathering the exceptionally skilled golfers, they take pride in each member being exceptionally good at having fun, on the course and off the course!

How Can I Join The Club?

Feel free to send these guys a message and they’d be more than happy to have more fun-loving golfers join them.

Facebook Page: Young Guns and Hard Hitters
Whatsapp Group: Contact John Anthony Lopez at 09178053065