The Chokoys – Nobody Should Golf Alone

The Chokoys – Nobody Should Golf Alone

Who Are The Chokoys?

Just like many other golf groups, the Chokoys are a group of men and women who love golfing and want to play alongside people that love it too.

This versatile group is made up successful business people and passionate golfers from 25 years old all the way to 58! From 6 pioneering members, the Chokoys have grown to almost 60 in just a span of a few years.

The Chokoys

What Is Their Purpose?

The Chokoys live by their very own mantra, Nobody Should Play Alone. For them, it is more important to make sure that their fellow golfers are having the most of FUN – while improving their game is important, but secondary.

The Chokoys Golf

Unlike other groups who only wait for applications, the Chokoys step their own foot out by approaching single golfers and asking them to join their flight. What’s the qualification they look for? A chocobeam or a butterfly shot! Once the golfer’s skill is proven, they’re invited to join the Chokoys’ socials. Lastly if they’re fun to be with, they get a lucky spot on the team.

They exist to make golf as it should be- thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The Chokoys Golf Group

The Chokoys Gathering

How Long Have They Existed?

The Chokoys started as a team of just 6 people recently in 2013.

What Keeps Them Successful?

The members of this team know that the diversity among their personalities always leads to different opinions and contradicting viewpoints, but what keeps them successful as a group is staying focused on the goal of simply enjoying their favorite sport with new friends, old friends, and always staying open to meeting future ones.

The Chokoys - Golf

The Chokoys Nobody Should Golf Alone

Why Would Golfers Want To Join?

In the words of Chad, a Chokoy himself…

“Friendly banter, sometimes serious competition and the occassional road/field trips are just some of the things anyone who joins us will come to expect, and if playing once or twice a week is not enough, any emergency golf game any day of the week will never be a lonely one, just post a message on our viber group and someone will surely join you.”

The assurance of never having to golf alone is enough reason for any golfer to want to be on of them!

The Chokoys Golf Members

What Makes Its Members Special?

There are several factors that set these members apart from the rest. From fresh beginners to single handicappers, what they desire most is having fun playing golf- together.

The Chokoys Members

Who do they consider the biggest winners? Raffle winners! When there’s an occasional trophy winner, they get bragging rights but for no longer than two hours.

How Can I Join The Club?

Interested in joining? Simply seek them out at the Aguinaldo Golf Club every Tuesday and Friday after lunch. Come along as it is free for everyone to join.

If you really want to be a part of the Chokoys, contact Kap at 0939-925-4325