GDAP Summer Golf Show 2015

GDAP Summer Golf Show 2015

1. Tell us about GDAP

ROBERT ROBERTO, Exhibit Chairman: The Golf Distributors Association of the Philippines, Inc. was born out of the union of golf equipment and turf companies in the Philippines to promote, maintain and enforce ethical and professional conduct in business among its members.

GDAP was established on 17th February 1995. We now have the following big brands as its members: Aetna Sports, Besa’s Shoes, Bridgestone Golf, Loro-L79, Mizuno, Nike Golf, RMA Trading, Raymundo’s Trophies, Taylormade, Transview Golf & Tour Stage.

2. What is the Expo about?

ROBERTO: The association is known for organizing the Philippine International Golf Show, the longest running golf show in Asia.  But this May 22 and 23, we are having the Summer Golf Show which is now going on its 10th year.  

3. Why should people attend?

ROBERTO: This is a good opportunity for golfers and visitors to see all the popular golfing gear in one place.  In one go, you can try all the major equipment and see the latest accessories available. Also exciting is to find plenty of bargain priced items from the exhibitors.

4. Where is it and how much will it cost?

ROBERTO: This year’s summer show will be at the Metrotent, Metrowalk in Pasig.  Open from 10am until 8pm on May 22 & 23.  Entrance is free.  

5. What can you say on the status of golf industry in the Philippines?

ROBERTO: We are excited about the continued growth of the golfing industry in our country.  Many kids and young professionals are now taking up golf more than ever with access to a number of world class public courses newly put up around the country. There is also an increase in tourists visiting our country for golf which is always good for the industry.   

6. Do you plan on launching a special program that would encourage young Filipino’s to learn this game just like any other sport?

ROBERTO: GDAP and its members from the start have always been active in getting more people to take up the sport both as a group and individually.  Our members conduct free clinics in various practice facilities and and host activities in malls or activity centers to create awareness for the sport and the brands we carry.  Also, we continue to work with Philippine golfing agencies and support the programs they have for the development of golf.   

7. Any message to all golf aficionados’?

ROBERTO: To all golfers, we invite you to this year’s GDAP Summer Golf Show.  All major brands in one place at one time.  We encourage you to see and try what gear can help your game.

Mr. Robert Roberto, Exhibit Chairman, shares with us what to expect
at the GDAP Summer Golf Show happening on May 23-24, 2015.

“Mr. Robert Roberto, Exhibit Chairman, shares with us what to expect
at the GDAP Summer Golf Show happening on May 23-24, 2015.”