Play your best golf game with The Oakley Fast Jacket

Play your best golf game with The Oakley Fast Jacket
“Let’s Talk Sun”

Playing golf in the Philippines is not easy. It’s hotter than most countries in the world and to top it off, sometimes it’s hard to see when the sun is glaring down on you. Where did your ball go after you hit it? Your hope is that you will find it somewhere straight and hopefully the ball didn’t go far left or right. You might be thinking the simple answer is to wear sunglasses, but they can’t just be any sunglasses, can they?

We don’t know about you, but depending on the time of the day that you play, you may need different levels of shade over your eyes. It’s not only protecting your eyes from UV rays, but it’s also playing your golf game with the best of your ability. That’s why it’s very important to wear sunglasses that stay and grip your face. Oakley made just the right thing for all golfers and they even took it one step farther with the NEW Oakley Fast Jacket.

The Oakley Fast Jacket
These new sunglasses are what calls “multi-lens marvels” and GolfPH agrees. These sunglasses allow you to carry only one pair of frames with an easy interchange system for you to swap out the color of your lenses. Bring one pair for when the sun is just behind the clouds or falls behind the trees.

This is the not the first of its kind, but it’s definitely the easiest. We were very impressed by how quickly we were able to change the lenses through a simple locking system built on the frame. This system allows you to switch out your lenses in less than 10 seconds. Also the lens won’t just drop off when you push the button, you will need to use a gentle tug to free the lenses and then apply a slight pressure to put the new lenses back in place. Just wait for the “click” to make sure it’s secure.

Watch a 37-second video of PGA player Ian Poulter demonstrating how easy it is to use the Oakley Fast Jacket.

Ian Poulter Oakley Fast Jacket

The lenses come in different shades and are made out of polycarbonate material for different purposes such as low light and for bright sun. Other lens options are photochromic, iridium-coated or polarized lenses, but those are all extras. These lens will give you that clear view you need when you are out on the back 9 and looking directly into the late afternoon sun. Switch out the lenses to fit the time of day and to fit your need.

On top of all those options and feathers, the lenses also have a special coating (Oakley calls it “Hydrophobic”), which is supposed to prevent water from leaving streaks and sheens. We don’t know about you, but when we or our GolfPH members play golf, we sweat. We sweat everywhere including our hair and faces! The lens coating worked and passed the test with flying colors!

If you don’t have a high nose bridge or if these sunglasses just don’t fit your face right, we recommend the Oakley Asian Fit line. Oakley also provides the Fast Jacket option for $220USD/PHP9460. The sunglasses were great and we look forward to promoting more great innovative sunglasses from Oakley (

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