Our Top 7 Big Hairy Goals for 2016

Our Top 7 Big Hairy Goals for 2016

Wow, I can’t believe that 2016 is already here.

I am not going to lie, I felt a bit intimidated when writing this post. Not everyday do we get to spill out our plans for everyone to see and even worse.. get critiqued. However, falling in line with our core values and transparency, we thought you guys might be interested in getting a taste of where we’re headed in 2016.

Yesterday, we had our big, daunting, annual planning meeting and it was where we were able to sit back, focus on an agenda, and create goals for the next year. Although it was jam packed, it was probably one of the most productive days that we’ve had ever. Not only were we able to review 2015 and set new goals, but we were able to spend time together, do a little bit of team bonding and focus focus focus on the year ahead!

So here are our 7 Goals for the year!

Goal #1: Build Our Management Team

We’re growing and we need the right people to get us there. That is why our #1 Goal for 2016 is to build our management team. Specifically, we need to fill 2 key positions that we can really use help with right now.

1. An Editor in Chief for our GolfPH Website.
2. An Experienced Sales guy that can help us increase our revenue.

If you think this sounds like you and would love to join a fast, young, exciting team… We would love to meet you.

Feel free to email all resumes and inquiries about these positions to [email protected]

Goal #2: Publish 100 Articles Next Year

We’ve been lazy. We haven’t been doing a great job publishing articles as a media company and I sincerely apologize about this.

This year, we pledge to be different. We are committed. Our goal is to publish at least 100 articles on our blog, website, social media and newspaper about topics you want to hear about. If you have ideas that you want us to research and write about, feel free to share them with us at [email protected]

Goal #3: Double Our Website Traffic

When we set this goal, it made our IT guy Norman nervous. I mean…  the more articles that we publish, the more viewers we will get right? Yes, but it also means extra load on our servers, his work level will double and a whole bunch of other things can go wrong.

However, we think it’s worth it. Golf is more than just an exciting sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Goal #4: 50% Increase for our Inbound Golf Packages

Last year we had a record year, but we think we can do better. The Philippines is one of the hidden gems in the golf tourism industry and people need to hear about it. This year we will be increasing up our marketing efforts internationally, doing more joint ventures and flying to more conferences to do our part in promoting Golf in the Philippines.

Goal #5: Centralize our Software System to Improve Communication

We use over 30 different software technologies to manage our operations. Each of these things help to properly run our company whether its our website, CRM, messaging app, project management platform, cloud servers, email marketing software and so much more.

A lot of these things had redundant features which caused a lot of confusion, which led to many communication issues. There was also a learning curve for each tool and a lot of time was being wasted. We were bogged down by too many ‘shiny objects’, that being overly efficient became sort of a distraction.

This year, we want to consolidate, simplify and integrate our software systems to work well with each other to improve our communications with our staff, partners, clients…. and you guys.

Goal #6: Organize 1 Golf Tournament for Charity

One of the biggest things that we are stressing as a team is to do things with purpose. We don’t want this company to just be about making money or providing jobs. We believe that everyone is called to do something great and to help others. This year we are vowing to serve a local community charity with the resources that we have been blessed to have.

Goal #7: Monthly Raffle Giveaways

You know what’s one of the best parts of about doing what we do? Getting free stuff.

Whether it’s a product review, x deal, or a promotional giveaway… one of the biggest pros to this job is being able to keep some of the stuff we get. And we’re very thankful to all of our partners, sponsors and clients for it.

However, in order for our sponsors to really benefit from the GolfPH network, our viewers need to experience these products. So one of the things that we discussed as a team this year is to clear out our closet and…. Give Free Stuff away.

Every month (and maybe more), we will have a raffle giveaway. Prizes will vary depending on availability (and mood). To hear about the raffles, make sure you are on our email mailing list because announcements will be made there.

Whew…  So That’s it.

Our 7 goals for 2016. Definitely scary and overwhelming, but definitely doable.

Hopefully we can do it and we’ll need you guys to keep us accountable. Many thanks for your support in 2015, and we hope to get the same in 2016.

If you guys like these types of posts, please let us know. So what are your goals for the new year?