NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH – PhiGolf WGT Edition Home Simulator

How many of you are bored at home wishing you were out on the golf course?

For many of us, we haven’t golfed since before the ECQ quarantine… and realistically, we don’t see ourselves golfing on any time soon.

When we first heard about PhiGolf home golf simulator, we were definitely interested.

We live, breathe and love golf…

So when we heard that we can play in the comforts of our own home, we were really excited.

What is PhiGolf?

Simply put, PhiGolf is literally the best high definition golf game simulator on the market and it’s also compact, portable and affordable.

PhiGolf originated in 2017 in Korea and evolved from a golf swing sensor into a full fledge home simulator that is sold out in most countries. Today it is also the #1 golf simulator under $500 on Amazon and is also a partner of WGT (#1 Golf App in the World) and Top Golf.

What makes PhiGolf so special compared to the others are:

  • Can be used anywhere – It’s compact and portable so you can play wherever you go! It can be used indoors and outdoors, in your living room, office, hotel room, backyard, games room or bar!
  • Will improve your game – PhiGolf started off as a swing analyzer first and designed an app specifically to improve your game. It’s patented 9-Axis 3D swing sensor will be able to give you accurate details about your swing such as distance, swing speed, club path, face angle, ball spin rate and more..
  • Has the Best Gameplay – WGT is the #1 Golf App in the world with over 20 million downloads. It’s a great app to play with your family, kids or friends. It also has access to many of the world’s famous golf courses in the world.
  • Is pretty affordable – Unlike some of the other simulators that go for P1-200,000… PhiGolf cost only a small fraction of the price, which I’m sure you’ll wife will approve.

For more information check out this video here:


How it Works

It’s pretty simple. Included in the Phigolf Set are: (1) Phigolf Swing Stick, (1) 9-Axis 3D Swing Sensor, (1) Charging Cable, and (1) Instruction Manual.

There are also 2 apps that you can download on your phone/tablet depending on your purpose.

  • PhiGolf App – This app is more geared towards training. It has a driving range, swing analyzer, daily routines and has a feature which audits the weaknesses in your game. It also has 4 different golf courses to choose from and can also be used without the internet.
  • WGT App – The WGT app is the award winning video game called World Golf Tour (WGT). This is a video game that has been around a long time and the graphics plus game play are outstanding. Phigolf partnered with the WGT to provide access to more courses and it allows Phigolf to focus on improving their technology instead of focusing on the game itself. WGT is what you would use to play other people from around the world who also have the game. It’s also a great way to have a round of golf while truly social distancing. The Internet is required to use this app. When you buy your Phigolf, it comes with 1 course. To get access to the rest of the courses from around the World, you would have to subscribe at just $2USD per month. It’s totally worth it!

PhiGolf WGT Is Now Available in the Philippines

You’re in luck because PhiGolf WGT Home Simulator has just arrived to the Philippines and is running a Special Promotion as part of their new product launch.

Until May 31 , 2020, they will be 20% off + Free Shipping via Same Day Courier in Metro Manila.

For more information, please text Katherine at 09176734653 or visit

All orders placed before 5pm in Metro Manila will be delivered on the same day. Thanks for reading!