New and Used Golf Equipment For Sale in April

New and Used Golf Equipment For Sale in April

Have you ever walked into your closet and said…

Whoa! Where did all of this stuff come from. Well we did and that’s how our office currently is right now.

So to free things up and make the place a little bit more tidy (orders from the big boss)… we’re cleaning out our closet and will be liquidating things in batches.

Here’s the first one. Let us know if you are interested in anything on our list.

Sorry about the lack of pictures and description. All of the clubs are at our office and can be demo’ed by appointment only.


  1. TaylorMade SLDR 460 S, Fujikara 57 Grams – P9,000 (Brand New Sealed)
  2. TaylorMade R7 Limited 10.5 Degrees , Tour AD Stiff – P3,500
  3. Nike IGNITE 460 10.5 – P2,500
    Nike IGNITE 460 10.5
  4. Callaway X460 10° Fujikura R Flex 60g Mid/Low Torque Mid Kick – P3,000
    Callaway 460
  5. TX-2 S-Yard Loft 10° Flex Spec. 2 Flex R1 S


  1. Adams Golf Super S IDEA 4H 22 Degrees S-Flex –  P4,500 (Brand New)
    Adams Golf Super S
  2. TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 16.5 Degrees, Matrix Ozik S-Flex – P3,500
    TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0
  3. (SOLD) TaylorMade Burner Rescue 22° 65g Flex R – P2,500


  1. Mizuno JPX-825 Pro, Forged (G-4, Total 8 Clubs), S300 Steel Shafts – P35,000 (Brand New)
  2. Callaway X-20 Tours (S-3, Total 9 clubs), Rifle Project X 6.0 Steel Shafts – P15,000
    Callaway x20 Tours
  3. Wilson Staff Ci7, Graphite Shaft R-Flex – P10,000
  4. Callaway RAZR (P-5), Graphite R-Flex Mid Low Torque Mid Kick I-75G – P12,000
    Callaway RAZR
  5. Cobra S2 Max (S-5 iron) S-Flex – P10,000
    Cobra s2 Max
  6. (SOLD) Mizuno MX-100 (P-6 Iron), Dynalite Gold XP R-Flex- P10,000
  7. (SOLD) Mizuno MX-23 T-Zoid (S-3, total 10 irons) Graphite Tour Spirit MP R 51/4/5/MID S – P10,000


  1. TaylorMade 300 Series Sand Wedge Flex-S N.S. Pro 950 GH P2,000
    TaylorMade 300 Series
  2. Cleveland CG11 56 Degrees – P2,500
    Cleveland CG11
  3. (SOLD) Mizuno MP Series 52 Degrees, Dynamic Gold Shaft – P2,000
  4. 52° Excalibur Tour Series Excalibur Wedge – P1,500
  5. RAM FX 60 Degrees – P1,000
    Ram FX 60 Degrees


  1. TaylorMade 320K
    Taylormade Putter
  2. (SOLD) White Ice 340G Odyssey
  3. (SOLD) Yes! C-Groove Dianna


  1. Sklz 12 inch Putting Mirror – P2,500 (Brand New)
  2. Ogio Cart Bag – P3,000 (Almost New)
    OGIO Bag
  3. SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Whip – P2,500 (Brand New)
  4. Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (3×9 Feet) – P2,000

For more information about the clubs including pictures, please email us at [email protected].