Move Effortlessly with Adidas’ Freemotion Footwear

Move Effortlessly with Adidas' Freemotion Footwear

What is Freemotion footwear? It is exactly what the name says. Freemotion footwear are shoes that mold to your feet and allow you to move freely and comfortably regardless of what you are doing while using the shoes. Golf shoes need to be comfortable. You walk for around 5,000 yards every game, so those shoes better be comfortable! It’s all about “natural motion” footwear!

Adidas knows that. This sporting brand has made innovative moves to advance their name in the golf industry out in front with the big dogs (i.e. Nike, Ecco, Footjoy), but can they compete with their new line? GolfPH says yes!
Also seen at the 59th Annual PGA Merchandise show, Adidas displayed two shoes that exemplify the freemotion footwear philosophy because these shoes have everything you need.

  • Roomier toe boxes
  • Spikeless outersoles
  • Waterproof mesh
  • Weigh 10.5 ounches

The first option is the Adidas PureMotion which retails at around PHP5160/$120USD. The second option is the Adidas CrossFlex, which is a less expensive option at PHP4300/$100USD.

Your first option on the left, called PureMotion, is a highly technical shoe with “anatomical shape” and spikeless sole featuring a wider, “web-shaped forefoot” that Adidas claims provides that natural fit for comfort and performance. The idea is that instead of keeping your food confined in a narrow shoe, allow your toes to have the room you need to wiggle and trip down during the key moments of your swing. We tried these shoes and we loved them!

CrossFlex is a lightweight running option, allowing you to balance on “pods” instead of spikes for grip in various ground conditions. It’s especially useful overseas where often the rain comes so hard that the irrigation system is not advanced enough to keep up. Flexible, lightweight and spikeless sum up these shoes in 3 adjectives.

These attractive, modern and technologically innovative golf shoes are available in the summer of 2012 and we hope to see Adidas bring these shoes out to the Philippines sooner (!

Adidas Freemotion Footwear

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