Green Archers win PGF 5th Inter-Collegiate Golf Match

Green Archers win PGF 5th Inter-Collegiate Golf Match

College golf is up and running, particularly for the De La Salle University (DLSU) team with its recent win in the Philippine Golf Foundation (PGF) 5th Inter-Collegiate Golf Team Match. The win, which was over the challenging team of he Lyceum Pirates, was well-deserved and sweet, with the Green Archers making use of its championship experience and skill on beating their said foe.

The first round, which was held at Sherwood Hills – considered as the Green Archers’ home course – was a match to remember, mainly with players compromising from the PGF jungolf program. Lyceum was able to force a draw with its rival in the opening match-up, much to the dismay of the home crowd.

The following round, held at championship level course The Orchard (and home course of the Lyceum), saw things going the Green Archers’ way. A 2-1 lead eventually let DLSU bag the crown of the tourney.

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