GolfPH Course Review: The Riviera Golf and Country Club

GolfPH Course Review: The Riviera Golf and Country Club

Every now and then, there’s this golf club that seems to have everything that a golfer needs. It may be something as simple as getting into a challenge. Or maybe its the perfect harmony of nature accentuating every stroke a golfer makes in a game. Whatever the reason is, you can find all these in the Riviera Golf & Country Club.

Nestled within a prime spot in Silang, Cavite, the Riviera Golf & Country Club features two twin – yet very distinct – all-weather, Master Champions designed courses. Fred Couples and Bernhard Langer have showed how diverse their layouts are, with each both having a balance of style and need of playing skill.

What does stand out when one first visits this place is how so much like a tropical resort the place is. Looks can be deceiving though – an up-close look at the greens will show that golf is taken as serious business here. And in maintaining the use of crafted Bermuda grass and cared-off tif dwarf greens, the entire golf club takes pride in its drainage and irrigation systems.

To note as well, the Riviera Golf & Country Club is famously known for the challenge it brings. The Philippine Open was once held in the Langer Course, where legend Frankie Minoza showcased his skills and talents. Players hoping to hone their skills can be sure to come back for more, just to conquer both the Couples and Langer courses.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club highlights

Couples Course

If you are longing for a cool and serene weekend playing golf, then The Couples sure is the best course to play at. You will be greeted with tall coconut palm and delightful mango trees– making you think as if you’re in a tropical resort. But, be not deceived by the beauty that The Couples has, for it is filled with traps and OB lurking around.

Hole 4
Don’t be fooled by the fourth hole. Although it may look straightforward, this 457-yard hole has a grassy rough depression that cuts the fairway, turning it into a hazard that can ruin your seemingly perfect approach shot.

Hole 5
Five is by far the hardest hole on the course. The fairway leading to the hole becomes more narrow as a water hazard runs across the fifth and the fourth fairway. You can find the green 15 feet above the fairway, that’s why, see to it that you can make a good swing and that you have plenty of club with you.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club description

Hole 9
Nine also has its own share of difficulties. This 427-yard par 4 hole may be shorter but it needs to be played against strong winds, thus, making it somewhat longer.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club hole 11

Hole 11
Concentration is the key to be able to play eleven well. At par 5, this hole will require you to force carry a tee shot of about 200 yards to reach a strip of fairway 100 feet below. The small and heavily sloped green is surrounded by a ravine and a bunker on the left.

Hole 13
The par 4 thirteen is a quite difficult hole that doglegs to the right, passing through the thick tropical rainforest, before reaching the green surrounded by a ravine.

Langer Course

Unlike The Couples, the Langer course has an entirely different appeal altogether. From the moment you set foot on the teeing ground, you’ll know that this course is not for the weak at heart. It’s more open than its sister course, but the landing areas and more narrow and filled with optical illusions. Be sure to bring out your A-game when you play at the Langer for the holes are indeed very challenging.

Hole 1
Even at the first hole, any golfer would realize that playing at the Langer is no easy task. The 423-yard opening hole is filled with hazards on its entire left side while the fairway narrows as a tree sits right in the ideal landing area.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club course review and opinions

Hole 2
The bunkers may be a little twenty yards away from the green but you should not let your guards down as not only this hole doglegs to the left, but this 443-yard hole must be played against prevailing winds.

Hole 5
Long hitters are at an advantage playing at five, for this 604-yard par 5 hole is not only unbelievably long but is mostly uphill. So, see to it that you have a hybrid or a long iron with you when you approach the green.

Hole 16
Most people say that sixteen is the most beautiful hole in the course. No wonder, this 577-yard par five hole is located at the most stunning part of the course. But beware, sixteen can be quite difficult as it doglegs to the left towards the double green that it shares with hole three.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club facilities

Hole 17
Seventeen is considered as the Langer’s signature hole. At 156-yard par 3, this hole can be really difficult for first timers as the hole is heavily sloping downward.

The Riviera Golf & Country Club’s clubhouse sets an open-air, tropic vibe for visitors to unwind – before and after a round of golf. Dining is a treat with the view presented in the restaurant and bar areas. Taking pride with the grand view that the clubhouse presents, a covered driving range is also cleverly designed into the clubhouse.

The Riviera Golf and Country Club features

The club enjoys a peak season during the months of December to March. Foreigners would play here, with Koreans taking the most out of the twin courses’ challenges. At any given weekend, 100-150 members would be in the greens.

Also, the Riviera Golf & Country Club often overlooked appeal is basically right where a visitor would often encounter upon the first visit – the club is known for its warm and very approachable staff, who would often go way out of hand just to help out guests. As noted by a Allan Laguitan, a field marshal with the club since the late 90s, warm welcomes are expected in this course – a great compliment to the already outstanding facilities and greens in the club!

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