Golfing With A Purpose: The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic

The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic

This year marked the 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic where beginners and professionals alike took to the formidable golf course of the Villamor Golf Club on this Wednesday morning.

While the event was filled with a wide range of anticipation from both men and women of varying levels of golfing experience, the event’s purpose was to help raise funds for patients of the Philippine General Hospital.

The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic Pictures

The Sagip Buhay offers help and hope to a number of individuals who are unable to meet their own medical needs. Every year, they hold a number of charity events to help provide much needed medical attention to patients and their families to relieve some of their stress and burdens while fighting through their difficult times.

Translated, Sagip Buhay means ‘to save lives’ and they have been providing medication to many patients of the Philippine General Hospital of both the Medicine Wards and the ICU’s.

The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic Entrance

Participants paid for a ticket to be able to take part in the golfing tournaments and with each ticket sold, the foundation was able to put the donations to good use. Tournament entries included caddy service, lunch and a loot bag stock with a variety of samples and goodies to remember the day by.

With each sponsored hole, a patient with lupus will be provided three cycle doses of steroids. This treatment is a life-saving procedure that many suffering from lupus can rarely afford. The donations also went towards funding pacemaker insertion for those who have been affected by heart rhythm problems.

Villamor Air Base Golf Course

Patients suffering from pneumonia will be able to benefit from an additional two days of mechanical ventilation that is needed to help cure and treat their symptoms.

The Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation does not only hold golfing tournaments. There are a number of other events that you can get involved with to help out with their cause. The Rx: A work of HeART is a fashion show the put on for the patients of the 1st and 3rd wards at the Philippine General Hospital.

Villamor Air Base Golf Course 2

Another event they hold to help is hosting the PSBIM review every year to help prepare those taking the PSBIM exam. On top of that, they provide cardiac life support training every month in partnership with the PUSONG PINOY foundation.

The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic Screening

Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation even holds private movie screenings of some of the latest new movie releases. Participants purchase a ticket which includes a snack, drink, and a raffle entry while also taking the opportunity to help provide life-saving medication to those in need.

The 18th Sagip Buhay Golf Classic Speech

This foundation has been providing much needed medical help for those less fortunate. A simple donation can, in fact, save a life of the many patients the foundation assists. Most of these patients cannot afford even the basic treatments such as those to ward off the effects of pneumonia.

Several of these well-deserving patients suffer from a life-threatening illness that can be easily treated but the families are just unable to provide for it. The Sagip Buhay Foundation accepts donations in both pesos and dollars directly from the website: