Golf Lessons at a Huge Discount

50% Off on Golf Lessons

You subscribe to online Golf Guides. Watch videos on how to improve your swing. Go to the range and practice for an hour every week.

Imagine if one bad habit over the years is causing you to shank the ball, mishit your target, and lose 20 yards off your drive. Would you want to know what it is and fix it?

Unless you are a pro or a single handicap hitter, you probably have a lot of bad habits that were developed over the years (we all do). These bad habits are not only hurting your game and increasing your handicap score… they’re also causing you added stress to your health (back, neck, knee) which could have long term side effects.

Great News! We have partnered with golf pro Buddy De Joya to offer you the opportunity to start learning how to play golf the right way. By improving your game, you will play with more consistency, lower your score and get less frustrated on the golf course. For any level of golfer, getting a second opinion is always essential to improving your game.

It is for this very reason that we struck a deal with Buddy. As a launch to our new partnership, we have convinced Buddy to give our members and subscribers a whopping 50% off his regular lesson rate.

If you have ever been on the fence about taking lessons… I highly suggest you do it today!

This Sale will only last 72 Hours!

After that, it’s going back up to his regular rate.

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