We’re Hiring: A Passionate Content Editor Needed

We're Hiring: A Passionate Content Editor Needed
We’re still looking to hire!

Right now, our small, but effective team is running on fumes as we try to wear a lot of hats. One of those hats is being a Content Editor. Many of you might think it’s not that hard, but even coming up with ideas, researching and creating interesting content has definitely worn us out.

A lot of our creativity process and efforts are primarily focused around finding the right content that our golf readers want here in the Philippines.

Think you can help us out… We would love to meet you.

Who are we looking for?

First off, we want someone that is good at writing (of course). Someone who actually enjoys it and is creative enough to think of new topics to write about. Someone who loves to research and expand their own personal knowledge as well as someone that likes to help other people by editing their work.

Skills that we admire are…

  • Creative and has a knack for journalistic storytelling
  • Big on research and knows how to analyze the data from our blog
  • Quick learner and can think quickly on their feet
  • Hard working and self motivated
  • Team player and gets along well with others

What will I Be Doing?

Strategic Content Planning

  • Research key golf topics to write about and prioritize
  • Create article series/posts about priority areas
  • Find different ways to present content
  • Test different channels and opportunities for increasing viewers
  • Work with marketing to make content more accessible
  • Potential to cover industry events and tournaments

Writing and Guest Contributor Management

  • Act as the “Editor in Chief” with all of our writers and guest contributors
  • Find and recruit new potential contributors
  • Develop a process for finding, maintaining and following up with contributors
  • Work with designer in finding/creating the right images for each article
  • Edit/Review the content and images for each article before it’s published

Who Will I Be Working With?

We are a young group of people that genuinely care about what we do everyday. Each member of our team handles a specific part of the company. It is important that all of us work together, depend on one another and share a common goal.

What Are the Qualifications?

  • At least 3-4 years of experience in a digital content creation type of position.
  • Basic copywriting experience (headlines, benefits, captions)
  • Proficiency using Office, Google Apps, and WordPress
  • Minimum 1-2 Years of management experience
  • Amazing writing skills with flawless grammar

How Do I Apply?

This is a full time position and you will be working in our office in Makati. We are seeking someone that is passionate about making a difference in this world and someone who is willing to grow with our company.

Know someone that would be the right for this job? Please share this link or have them send me an email at [email protected]