KT VR Golf

KT VR Golf

KT VR Golf – A New Haven for Golf Enthusiasts

Fast-paced technology, once again, proves that it can also create an innovative way of playing golf indoors. With its state-of-the-art facility, KT VR Golf opens a way for golfers to experience the benefits of playing this virtual sport. The virtual golf technology consists of a 3D golf engine that gives the player an impression of playing in a real golf course.

City of Makati – KT VR Golf launches a new innovation that would bring solution to a golfer’s problem when a downpour of rain halts his activity. Although it is apparent that this sport cannot be played all the time, the main aim of KT VR Golf is to provide leisure for golf enthusiasts while playing indoors.

Carefully studied and analyzed by IT professionals, KT VR Golf Screen boasts of the following features:

Accuracy of ball analysis

– Vertical/horizontal sensors and domestically patented sound sensor calculates spinning rate, direction angle, angle of club head. Accurate estimation without error is ensured by the installed sensors on the target and plate area.

Graphic design as a real golf course

– A beam projector with 5,000ANSI produces a high-quality image to the 4mx3m impact-absorbing screen. This will enable the player to get a full three-dimensional view of the virtual golf course. with its video analysis program, players can adjust their swing pose through video image as well as analyzing the nature if ball.

Various Golf courses

– Choose from 15 popular domestic golf courses. A continuous development of more golf courses is on the process to provide the player numerous choices.

Easy and convenient operating method

– Players can operate and play the game without hassle through a touch screen system. They can also enjoy the benefit of having a real time network game with each other, not only in the shop but in various 3D golf shops nationwide.

Online maintenance system

– By monitoring the status, a speedy system maintenance can be performed through KT network 24/7. Another edge is the easy-to-install feature of core technology sensors without having to worry about sudden system change.

KT VR Golf is most convenient for healthy gatherings and leisures. With its additional strong points of equipped dvd and super-sized interactive television, players will surely have a great time playing virtual golf indoors.


Yong Man Kim or Young Sun Kim
KT VR Golf Phil Corp
37 Polaris St., Bel. Air Village,
Makati Metro Manila

Tel.: 897-0275
Mobile no.: +63916-752-6947
Email: [email protected]

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