Social Golf Clubs in the Philippines: The ByltAx Golf Club

What is golf for you? It is a game of great skill. It requires concentration and precision. It is about focus, achieving proper forms and developing effective swings. But did you know it is also a social sport?

Golf is just as much about camaraderie as it is about the game itself! Playing alone can be enjoyable, but all golfers know there is nothing like being surrounded by good company throughout their rounds.

Being a part of a golf league gives beginners and advanced golfers a place to have loads of fun, improve their skill, and build great friendships!

With our new monthly series Social Golf Clubs in the Philippines, learn all about different golf leagues around you and how you can be a part of them.

This month, we are featuring the ByltAx golf club.

Byltax HI

What Is The ByltAx Golf Club?

ByltAx Systems is a company that makes photos for the fashion industry in Sweden. Aside from that, ByltAx has a golf group of happy golfers that play locally and internationally.

They meet together once a week to play, but they are mostly about friendship and gathering together with the common desire to enjoy golf and good company. Most of its members are European businessmen  that are either visiting or have relocated to the Philippines.


What Is Their Purpose?

To have fun! There are groups of golfers that meet together with the central goal of becoming a better golfer, but ByltAx exists to give golfers the chance to play together and offers camaraderie to those who want it.

How Long Have They Existed?

Some of the ByltAx members started playing together in tournaments back in the early 90’s! They have formally been playing together under the name ByltAx for more than 12 years.

What Keeps Them Successful?

Some members of this group are complete beginners, and some are very experienced. It consists of players of all levels. It isn’t their special or advanced skill that keeps them successful, it is the friendship among them that keeps them going strong.

More than a group of golfers, ByltAx is a group of friends. It is important to them to always have an atmosphere of fun.

Byltax 2

Why Would Golfers Want to Join?

In the words of the head of the club, “because it’s fun!” They definitely have their serious moments, especially when playing in tournaments and competing for prizes, but they clearly emphasize their need to have a good time above all.

ByltAx also holds their own tournaments once a month with other organizations including the Scandinavian golf group. Not only do they play locally, but they also travel together to participate in tournaments abroad as well.

One major reason any golfer would want to join? After playing, they always make it a point to eat out together! Hanging out and enjoying each others company is a must.

Byltax Gathering

What Makes Its Members Special?

This group is special because they consist mostly of Swedish traveling businessmen, but they are open for all golfers.

Some come and play with the group whenever they’re in the country, some in different seasons when career doesn’t take too much of their time, and even locals that just want to enjoy come together to play with them also. 

How Can I Join the Club?

If you want to be a part of this fun club, all you have to do is give them a call. There is no application, no screening process, all they require is that you are a joy to play with. Cheaters? Sandbaggers? You will not be welcomed to this group. If you’re a golfer just looking to enjoy the game with the least stress, they will be glad to offer you fun rounds of golf and great friendship!

Contact Byltax

Want to know more? The ByltAx office is easy to reach. Give them a call or email and let them know you’re calling in regards to golf- they’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Landline:+63(0)2 478 8777
Email: [email protected]