VIP Car Service

VIP Car Service

Did you know that the average distance between the best places to stay in Manila and the best courses to play at is approximately 1 hour away? That’s a whole lot of time to get potentially lost…

If it’s your first time visiting the Philippines or if you are just relatively new to the area and know that taking a Taxi (although safe) can be a nerve wracking experience since you will have to put your full trust in the man behind the wheel. He will probably get you to your destination, but what about these two things…?

  • Will you be taken on the longest route possible, which translates into the most expensive rate possible?
  • How will you get back to your hotel from the course?

Honestly, you and I can’t really answer that question with absolute sureness, which is why we always stress to our golfers is to take advantage of the affordability in services that the Philippines has to offer in comparison to the rest of the world.

Your time in the Philippines, whether short or long lived is precious and you came here to do one thing…

PLAY GOLF and THAT is what you should be focusing your time, stress and attention on.

It is for this very reason that GolfPH is launching our VIP Car Service. Currently, we offer a 7-seater minivan that is available to be used by 3-4 golfers with clubs or 5-6 without clubs. Our vehicle is safe, maintained, clean, and dependable.



But wait, the best part about our service is your personal driver! Our driver and car service will be available for you to use for a full day service use or just to fulfill your golf transportation needs (Front-door service). Your driver will be fluent in English and Tagalog with the ability to serve somewhat as a safe tour guide for you throughout your stay depending on what you need or desire. Rest assured also in knowing that your driver has been trained to drive with safety and awareness at all times.

What makes this service VIP?
Option 1: Driver picks you up from your hotel/place you are staying at in Manila, drives you to the course of your choice, waits for you, and then takes you back to your original location.

Option 2: Driver takes you wherever you want to go within the Metro Manila area within a 12 hour time period. You can pay extra for the OT hours if you need him later in the night.

You dictate what you need and when you need it. You go where you want and when you want. You get dropped off at the front door and picked up at the front door. You have peace mind.

How’s that for VIP for you?

Rates are subject to change and in order to book this service, you will need to fill out the form on the right.

Interested in renting a high-end vehicle such as a (Mercedes, BMW, Suburban, or Similar), please also send in your inquiry to [email protected].

Rates will differ dependent on the need, type of vehicle, time of year and availability. Pictures are not of actual cars.