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The Riviera Golf and Country Club

The Riviera Golf and Country Club

Along Aguinaldo Hi-way,Silang Cavite
H=18 P=71/72
Office Hrs. 9AM – 5PM
Maintenance Day – Monday, Tuesday
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Every now and then,there’s this golf club that seems to have everything that a golfer needs. It may be something as simple as getting into a challenge. Or maybe its the perfect harmony of nature accentuating every stroke a golfer makes in a game. Whatever the reason is,you can find all these in the Riviera Golf & Country Club. Read More.

How To Play

The Riviera Golf and Country Club is a Private Golf Club and guests must be accompanied by a member in order to play.

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  • clubhouse
  • restaurant
  • practice facilities
  • pro shop
  • tee houses
  • locker rooms
  • showers
  • sauna/massage rooms
  • function rooms
  • hotel/accommodation
  • other amenities

Course Review

I woke up with a start when the alarm went off. My wife shushed me and I had to hastily turn the alarm off lest my baby wake up. Took a hasty shower, checked my wallet, picked up my golf bag and went down to the basement to get ready for the drive. As I moved out of my condo parking, I found it raining quite hard. I had already checked google-maps and kind of knew the way to the course. It was my first time playing a course outside of the usual golf courses in Manila. I was heading to Silang, Cavite to play the Couples course at Riviera.

The course is situated in Silang, Cavite, a leisurely drive that that takes you to the course in around an hour (early morning, no traffic). I took the SLEX and then the Carmona exit, headed down Governor’s drive and embarked on a decently long drive till I hit SM Dasmarinas. Take the first left at the stop light immediately after SM and you will reach Riviera. The signboard comes out of nowhere and you are best advised to be on the lookout for it. It sits right opposite a Shell station so you can’t miss it or well maybe you can, like I almost did. A burnout and a quick tyre check later, I was headed down to the clubhouse.

The Couples Course

We were playing the Couples course and as my host put it, “It’s apparently the easier one of the 2 courses in the Riviera Golf and Country Club, the other being a Bernhard Langer creation”. During summers this course is heavily frequented by Korean and Japanese tourists. This is one of the first courses on their agenda when they come touring the Philippines. Very popular with the tourists I am told as I take a few practice swipes with my driver. The first hole is a short 385 yarder which is a gentle opener for the beautiful 2nd, a 507 yard par 5. After a longish drive, I had around 240 left to the pin. I took out my 4 wood and gave it a good whack. I caught the ball clean but found the ball hooking ever so slightly and splashing into the water hazard. Another 5 yards and it would have found the green. Not a good way to start the round, I thought. I took my drop and escaped with a bogey and my pride intact. Holes 4 and 5 are just brutal. Both are par 4s and are handicap 3 and 1 respectively. They are over 400 yards each and have water all along the right side of the fairway. If you can escape these holes then you can consider yourself lucky. The rough around these holes is just brutal so try to play conservatively and stick to the landing zones. I actually overshot the green on the 5th and it took me 2 tries to whack my way out of the rough behind the green.

The 6th is a gentle Par 3 followed by the uphill Par 5 7th hole. The hole is reachable in 2 for the long hitters if the wind is on your side.

The 8th is a hole which continues the trend of >200 yard par 3s. I understand that these holes may not pose much of a challenge for the long hitters but for weekend players these are more of an annoyance. One golf course I played recently (I will decline to name) had 4 par 3s and all were over 190 yards in length. The Par 3 8th which I described earlier is a handicap 5 and has a ravine fronting the green but there is a bunker on the top- right which I considered my bailout area. I was in between clubs and took out my 4 iron and let it rip. I missed high and right and ended up in the thick rough to the right of the bunker. The pitch shot was easy enough and I managed to tap in for par.

After my tee-shot on the next hole, I found my friend dawdling over his shot. I looked at my watch, it was 8:30AM, and we had only finished 8 holes (we teed off at 6:30). This was the 9th hole, a devilish par-4 with the wind blowing whichever way. After he fluffed his 6 iron which dribbled down the fairway about 20 yards towards the green I asked him why he took so much time. He just looked at me and said,” There is no beef-mami in the half-way house before 8:45”. On the Couples course, the half-way house is actually after the 10th hole, not the 9th as in many courses. Incidentally, I know now why he deliberately slowed down. The beef mami is really something else. Don’t get the full bowl or you will not be able to concentrate on the task ahead, the portions are large and delicious!! The closing holes are absolutely taxing so you need to bring your A game.

The 11th is a par-5 with a mandatory carry of 200 yards over a ravine. Not for the faint hearted. I had just had my fill and was pumped up. I smacked one out of the center of the driver and watched my drive sail well over the ravine, or so I thought. The drive managed to find the fairway; only just… My ego took a big knock there. It’s a long and meandering walk down to the fairway so the course has carts to ferry the golfers and caddies to the fairway (If you do decide to walk the course). The second shot plays slightly uphill into a green which has a ravine on the left and 4 bunkers on the front.

Mandatory Meaningless Golf Story Alert!

True to form for me, I almost ended up with 3 n*ts (Not sure if this * can be an appropriate replacement to get this review a PG-13 rating!!). I had hit my second shot, a 4 wood, around 200 yards, leaving me with another 80 yards to the green. I was standing near my cart contemplating which wedge to use, when, out of nowhere, this ball comes flying by. It hits the inside of my right trouser leg, smacks the cart, misses my caddy by 5 inches and goes bouncing down the fairway. I was too stunned to respond till I saw a Korean guy (remember, they love the course!!) come sauntering down with his caddy. I told him that he had almost killed me and he just smiled and waved. Ummhhh….

Anyways, I lived to tell this tale didn’t I? The 12th is a routine, short par 4, reachable with 2 mid-irons. Just hit the fairway or it may be a difficult second shot to the green. The 13th is a slight dogleg par 4. You need 2 good shots to reach the fairway. Slicer’s beware, this is one hole you do not want to miss right, and it has a ravine that will swallow your ball and thick rough if you do miss the ravine. The ideal landing spot on the left is right next to a bunker which will allow you to be aggressive with your second.

The 14th is my favourite hole on the course, I almost got a hole-in-one there. The green sits around 140 yards from the blue tee, guarded by a ravine and bunkers front and bottom. The green is wickedly fast and it’s better to be below the green to allow you to be aggressive with your putt.

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  1. Harry

    I played Riviera today after hearing so much about it over the past few months.
    I played the Couples course which is the shorter of the two (The other being Langer). It had been raining in Cavite for almost 4-5 hours when I hit the course in the morning. We had to play the Couples course since they had a tournament in Langer. The first is a perfect hole to tee off. A nice, easy drive will get you in good shape for the second to a slightly elevated green. A nice way to start off the round.
    Inspite of the rain, the fairways were not muddy and you could hardly tell that it had been raining. The sun soon came out in the middle of the round and the course was in perfect condition. There are halfway houses (tea houses) aplently so you don’t run out. It is better to top up your water/drink on the 10th hole because they don’t have any other halfway house post that hole…Until you come back the same way for the last hole.
    It is definitely a beautiful course with wonderful little touches which tell you that you are definitely playing a course that is well taken care of. The thing I liked least were the bunkers which apparently are the same even in the dry season…Cakey mud which does not want to let go of the ball. I learnt it the hard way and ended up dropping shots. That being said I put Riviera at the top of my fledgling list of golf courses visited, simply because the course offers a different kind of challenge (I went through each and every club in my bag) and is beautiful. I would liken it to the Dye Course in Eagle Ridge, only much more forgiving and better maintained.

    The food in the restaurants is good and served hot (definitely appetizing). The locker and shower rooms are well appointed and clean. The caddies are knowledgeable and you need their assistance (The greens are fast and true)..

    All in all, a great day’s work..

  2. GolfPH Team

    Thank you christine for that great comment! we are glad to know that you loved the place!

  3. Alexis Lewington

    Riviera’s two 18 hole courses are so different but each come with their own set of challenges. Couples is my favourite as it’s the more forgiving of the two. The last three holes on the Couples course can leave you battered and bruised. The 16th has you going from right to left and then down a slope full of bunkers just waiting to catch your ball if you don’t clear them to a very tightly located green. Before you have time to recover from that, the par three 17th is located over a huge ravine where if you land short on the green you put up a steep bank back to the hole. And then there’s the 18th….. which requires you to hit an accurately placed drive on a narrow fairway that banks steeply right to left. After that your ready for your cold towel and a relaxing drink to heal your wounds and reflect on what could have been.

    Played there over the Holy week break and glad to see that the ladies tees have been moved back on some of the holes. The course was in excellent condition and the staff at Riviera are always great.

    The sushi is always good there too…..

  4. CesaR geronimo

    Course is splendid and challenging!so relaxing atmosphere.

  5. Christine Lee

    At first glance, you’d actually think that it’s a beach resort and not a golf course but it’s a place you’ll definitely fall in love with! Me and my friends got there in an hour’s worth of travel from Manila and really grew to love it the moment we stepped on the course. A great experience!

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