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Congratulations and Welcome to the GolfPH Privilege Membership Association! Thank you for joining our GolfPH family and we are excited to make sure you use your membership to the fullest. We created this membership to create the world's most elite golfers together as a way to network, bond, and play golf! You will have access to private-member only events and will be invited to GolfPH sponsored tournaments. In addition to that you will also be receiving discounts off green fees at top courses

as well as (most importantly) playing access at over 70+ courses throughout the Philippines. We want to make sure you don't miss out!

In order to insure that you receive your card and any other promotions, please fill out your shipping and other information in the form below. It's quick and easy!

After you register, you'll receive a notification to verify your approval to receive information from GolfPH and you will receive an email or text with your shipment tracking number within 72 business hours.

Thanks, GolfPH Team