Veteran’s Golf

Veterans Golf
Let’s play golf!

Swing those balls and see them fall perfectly inside those holes. Paying for the price of just one round (18 holes), you can exercise those arms and tilt yourself at the right angles as you make your way around slopes aiming to shoot those balls in all of the eighteen holes. If one round wouldn’t suffice, then strike those balls with the club eighteen more times or play all you can and expect to be charged only for the caddy fee and the services of the umbrella girl in correspondence to the extra holes you played.

The clubs, the balls, the course are all set. Your legs and arms are in for some measured movements. Enjoy the sport of your choice sans the regular charge. Discount is the name of the game and you’re included in the line-up of the lucky ones who can grab it.

Play golf with friends and reap the benefits of the game coupled with the good vibes passed on by your friends. Engage in a competitive yet friendly game and see whose brought luck and skill with them. Whatever attack you inject in playing the game, know that it’s all in the spirit of good company brought together by the same appreciation for the sport.

Put your geometry knowledge to good use and work on your angles. In your golf gear glory swings those arms of yours and play for fun and for a good exercise. Those slopes may be tricky but in the vast expanse of the course, you can practice to be better just like the pros always do.

You can avail of this promo from Mondays thru Fridays only. The staff will politely not honor your redemption of the same if you happen to visit during weekends, holidays, or during big tournaments.

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