PLDT SME Nation Golf Tournament – 2nd Leg Recap

PLDT SME Nation Golf Tournament - 2nd Leg Recap

Guess what my favorite thing about being a PLDT SME Nation subscriber is?

It’s that feeling. The way they make you feel special just because you are their client.

For example, just last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in an exclusive, invite-only, golf tournament… just for SME nation subscribers only.

This past May 29, 2015 at the Alabang Country Club, PLDT SME Nation hosted the 2nd leg of Your Partner for Growth Golf Series. Over a hundred participants gathered together to represent the most-promising companies in the Small-to-Medium Category South Luzon and GMM. Imagine a group compromised of some of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the Philippines have gathered together for a little friendly competition. We would all have never met had PLDT SME Nation not set this up for us.

PLDT SME Nation Golf Tournament

Being a participant in this golf tournament was amazing. From the very beginning of the event, you register and you get that special feeling as they give you a free golf polo, cap, and coupons redeemable at any of the tee houses throughout the course or the clubhouse. PLDT spared no expense in setting up one of the most organized tournaments wherein the host takes care of everything from the green fees, tee times, and every meal – before, during and after your game. In addition to all of it, they didn’t want us to walk out onto that course without a warmup, so they also set us up with free buckets of balls at the range before we teed off!

PLDT 2nd Leg Recap

Usually food at these types of events are just an afterthought. Most golfers are just happy receiving food after a tiring round of 18 holes. PLDT SME Nation calmed our pre-game jitters by setting us up with a hearty Goto breakfast on the front 9. On the back 9, we received a Pampanga style Halo-Halo at one of the tee houses. As you can probably imagine, anything that includes a cup of crushed ice after 2-3 hours of being out in the hot sun is going to get you excited!


Alabang Golf and Country Club proved to be one of the top courses by giving us well shaved greens, amazing fairways and great hole locations. The extreme rains during the round did not even effect the playability of the course. Although, we had to take a brief break at the nearest rest area, the game was definitely not ruined.

Alabang Golf and Country Club Cup

Much love to PLDT for choosing this premier club as the venue for this tournament as this course is one of my favorite courses in the metro because of its course layout, playability for every skill level, well manicured greens and fairways.

PLDT Your Partner for Growth Golf Series

Two things are essential for a great time at a tournament. The first is excellent tournament organization and planning. The second is a happy atmosphere. You need a combination of the two to insure everyone leaves in good spirits regardless of how they played. Also, the removal of the usual high pressure tournament aura allows the tournament attendees to relax, enjoy the game and have an awesome time meeting new friends.

Alabang Country Club PLDT Tournament

PLDT Golf Tournament May 2015

Now let’s touch on one of the most important reasons why a lot of people pay to enter specific tournaments…the giveaways.

Philippines Long Distance Telecommunication Tournament

Tournament giveaways have become an industry standard at high profile events like this one and PLDT SME NATION spared no expense at delivering more to you than you would expect.

PLDT Cup 2015

The Trophies already exceeded expectations by being distinctly huge and expensive, definitely worthy of being in any golfer’s trophy case! To say the raffle prizes were all coveted items, would probably still be an understatement to say the least. From electronics to sports equipment, everything was useful and everything was a wanted item, where every golfer wanted their name to be called.

PLDT SME Nation Tournament

This event proved to me that PLDT SME Nation definitely knows how to throw a golf tournament. If I am invited again, I would block all meetings and events around it. Who would want to pass up feeling special?