Have a Great Spin with Miura Giken WMF-06 Forged Wedge

Have a Great Spin with Miura Giken WMF-06 Forged Wedge

If you are longing for the best spin control without putting too much strain on yourself, then the all new WMF-06 Forged wedge created by Miura Giken Japan is a great choice for you. Like all golf equipment produced by Miura Giken, the WMF-06 was forged using a technique that created a perfectly balanced shaped head consistent with the quality of the steel used, making sure that it is weight, dimension and density (W.D.D.) accurate.

The grind and sole design of WMF-06 is surely one aspect of the golf club that stands out. It has a two stage grind that enables it to create a versatile multi-level sole. This was done to remove all the unnecessary parts of the sole, thus giving a toe and heel as well as trailing edge relief. Also, the trailing side of the sole has a unique cut away center area that reduces friction through the turf, allowing you to have more accurate approach shots. Aside from that, the cut away serves a channel through the sand, giving you a maximum control and accuracy if ever you have to make a shot out of the bunker.

With its tear drop shape, the WMF-06 wedge allows players to work the face of the wedge thus creating a maximum spin control. The nickel satin finish of WMF-06 was done in a such way that the ball is framed well upon contact. It also features a Cu-Ni dual plating toe that enhances the feel and bite of the wedge, so even at a great impact, it only produces a very soft feel.

The design and features of the WMF-06 is very much fitted for players wanting to produce a goof spin while also considering how it feels and looks. See for yourself when you try out the WMF-06 available in 53* and 58* heads.

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