Golf Club Rentals

Golf Club Rentals

Why Spend On A New Golf Set When You Can Rent From Us?

Traveling to the Philippines? You don’t have to bring your golf equipment with you on the plane anymore!

Renting your golf clubs with us is the perfect solution for business travelers and tourists throughout the Philippines. You can easily take advantage of playing in the beautiful and luscious golf courses without having to deal with the headache of bringing your own golf clubs. Just pick a set and you’re ready to go! Our company can have a complete set of clubs delivered right to your hotel, resort or golf course.

New to the game of golf? You don’t have to invest in a set – Just borrow one of ours!

You don’t play basketball with a watermelon. You don’t go to a tennis court holding an electronic fly zapper. Likewise, you don’t go to a golf course bringing a hockey stick. You need the right equipment in playing these sports, but sometimes—especially if you’re still a beginner, and especially with golf—buying the equipment that you need may be heavy on your pocket.

But that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a nice game of golf. You shouldn’t be deprived of experiencing the lush greens of golf courses, of having the privilege to step foot to those courses with the most breathtaking views and meeting interesting colleagues. Luckily, GolfPH has the perfect solution for people who are beginner golfers.

GolfPH has your Golf Accessory needs!

Now, GolfPH also serves as your one-stop golf equipment rental shop. Whatever you might need for your golfing needs—from golf clubs to golf balls, to different golfing accessories, you can access different sources through The golf clubs and other equipment are always different for men, women, and kids, but that won’t be a problem at all because GolfPH has the best sources that will provide you exactly what you need to help with your game.

The terms and conditions are also very flexible for different people. Are you planning to practice religiously? You can opt to rent the equipment on a weekly basis for your own convenience. Planning on playing golf just sporadically? That’s not a problem either because there are also daily rates you can get for the equipment. Either way, you can have the equipment picked up or delivered to straight to you if you’re within Metro Manila.

All the reservations and payment are done online. You don’t even have to get up from your seat. All it takes is a few minutes.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach us at
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