Get a Perfect Golf Vision with Adidas’ Retego Eyewear

A hole in one for perfect vision

Get a Perfect Golf Vision with Adidas' Retego Eyewear

The new Retego models from Adidas eyewear

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Golf is a sport for perfectionists. Even the smallest detail can help to decide whether a shot succeeds or fails. This makes perfect vision an essential requirement for success and fun on the green. With the Retego II, the sports eyewear specialist Adidas Eyewear is bringing golfers optimal vision and a stylish look up to the 18th hole and beyond. Developed in partnership with the professional golfer Justin Rose, the new edition features a narrower filter shape and is also available in the Retego graphics series. Adidas Eyewear is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by EO-Executive Optical.

Every sport poses its own specific challenges. This applies to the eyes as well. When playing golf, our vision is affected by factors such as the sun, back light, wind and insects. Golfers also need to be able to accurately judge distances on fairways and greens with varying topographies. High-quality golf glasses, such as the Retego II from Adidas Eyewear, protect the eyes and ensure optimal vision. All of these can help to influence the positive outcome of a round.

The Retego was developed in partnership with the British golf professional Justin Rose, winner of the Australian Masters 2006. The model is distinguished by first-class function, a modern frame design and classic colours. The more strongly curved lens shape is tailored to the head and eye movements made in golf, guaranteeing optimal 360-vision and perfect protection. A wide selection of lens versions to suit different weather conditions ensure improved contrasts and colour perception. All the lenses meet the standards of optical quality class 1 and provide one-hundred percent UV protection. The Retego II fits unobtrusively under a cap or visor. The frames are so light and flexible you will hardly notice you’re wearing them – ensuring maximum comfort on the green.

To compensate for poor vision, all Retego models can be equipped with optical correction. An optical insert with prescription lenses can be clipped onto the bridge behind the filters to create optimal vision.

Like all the other models in the Adidas Eyewear collection, the Retego II and Retego graphics series are designed and manufactured by the renowned eyewear producer Silhouette International in Austria.

To find out more about Adidas Eyewear and the Retego models, visit selected EO-Executive Optical branches nationwide.


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