Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Every third Sunday of June, we celebrate a very special holiday, FATHER’S DAY. Special because every son, every daughter and every wife knows how important a father is to a family. Fathers are not only the foundation of a family but they also embrace extraordinary roles such as a model, friend, parent, husband and even a hero to all. We should thank them (which most of us often forget to do) for how hard they work despite the heavy burden we put on their shoulders, and how loving they remain despite all the sacrifice they go through for us. Most of the time we overlook the duties of a father, which is why we should dedicate this one single day of the year to honor all fathers and our intimate relations with them.

A lot of us trouble ourselves with what to give our dad for Father’s Day. Most of us try to think of the newest gadgets or the most expensive restaurant but truth is, the best gift you can give is your presence and simply a day to relax. That is why we at GolfPH invite you to go out as a family and enjoy a peaceful day of golf on the field. If you’re a dad reading this article, we encourage you to gather round your family and bring them to a golf course nearby to have a quality time together! If you’re a son, daughter or wife, surprise the hardworking father of your family with a day meant for him to unwind and enjoy! Trust us, you do not need to be an expert at golf to appreciate this activity. Anyone can learn to play golf and have fun in the process. Beginners can also practice their swing at driving ranges or hire professionals to work on their game. Besides, the beautiful scenery of the courses and the warm company of your family will be all you need.

To all the fathers out there who love the sport of golf, the GolfPH Team wishes you a Happy Father’s Day!

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