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Canlubang Golf and Country Club

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Canlubang Golf and Country Club

Canlubang Sugar Estate,Canlubang,Laguna Province
H=18 P=72
Maintenance Day – Monday, Tuesday
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Canlubang Golf Course, one of the largest golf courses in the Philippines, was once a former plantation of the sugar cane industry. The construction of the golf course took the heart of most golfers because of its simplicity and scale. The length of its fairways is summarized into two courses, the North Course and the South Course. Aside from its wide range, another great reason to play golf in the area is its challenging courses and knowledgeable caddies.

The North Course of the golf club is known as the gentleman’s game because of its difficult and manly course. Its 9th and 18th unique holes became signature to its golfers. Its fairways have scenic views of man-made lakes and ravines. Another challenge from the gentleman’s game is the strong wind that adds to the thrilling course.

On the other hand, the South Course differs from the former course because of its feminine touch. The abundance of ravines and tropical plants in the golf course made its game easy to play especially for women. Compare to North Course, South Course has wider and even holes to play with. In addition, it has magnificent views from natural sites like Laguna de Bay and Sierra Madre.

Just like any other golf courses, North and South offer three sets of tees, the Whites, Reds, and Blues. Both of the golf courses provide knowledgeable caddies who can assist golfers regarding their game queries. Other great services from the two courses are Bars, Tee houses, and restaurants. Canlubang Golf Course is a perfect place to play golf and at the same time to relax.

Course Review

Golfers – both professional and amateur – are sure in for a treat when they play in Canlubang Golf & Country Club. The club offers the best of both worlds:the excitement of playing challenging holes,and being an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. One can really only expect a wonderful round of golf in this place. Here is a short review on this great club. Read More.

canlubang golf and country club scorecard

How To Play

North Course

*D : drive , A : approach

Hole #1 Par 4 – (D) Hit middle right, never left OB. don’t cut fairway. (A) pin to pin. Left and right bunkers

Hole #2 Par 5 – (D) dogleg left. Just place drive in the middle left ( no shortcut) OB left, hazard right. Just keep it steady (A) hit left of pin, huge bunker on right. Play short. Ball will run far downhill at the back when over club.

Hole #3 Par 4 – (d) keep drive steady middle right. Left right are hazards. (A)Never pin to pin. skinny hole. Bunkers all around except right front of green. Attack right side of green easy chip when short. Easy par when done correctly. Could be a double par when trapped from bunker to bunker.

Hole #4 Par 3 – easy hole when distance is perfect. Over club . Deep ravine just before green

Hole #5 Par 4 – Dog leg left (d) keep driver at the right side of fairway. Don’t be fooled with trying to shortcut this hole. It always goes to the hazard. Hazard from tee to green left side. (A) . Bunker on right side of fairway. Huge green just go for pin

Hole #6 Par 3 – overclub again. Hazard from tee to green. Go for pin. Uphill green so don’t play short.

Hole #7 Par 4 – dog leg right. (D)Keep drive left side. It’s one of those holes you don’t want to slice. Hazard right side. (A) hazard again just before green. Over club once more. Go for pin. You can easily three out of you’re at the other side of green. There’s a bank at the back to catch Long shots so don’t be scared of overclubbing. It wil just bounce back at the green

Hole #8 Par 4 – Dog left right, never short cut even if it’s tempting to. Easy to lose the ball even if you cross he hazard because of the rough and you will never see where the ball will land. Easy to lose balls. Keep drive center of fairway with a shorter club like a 5 wood 3 wood. OB left so you wana have a draw shot her. (A) easy shot to pin. Just don’t play short since there is a a big bunker front right. big green. Easy par

Hole #9 Par 5 – (D) left OB. Keep drive striaght. Hole tends to be windy so keep shots low. Second shot just put right before hazard (a) crucial third shot since there is a hazard and huge deep bunker before. Never play short. Hard to play bunker since its deep. Uphill green so just go for the pin. Aim a little left of pin as green will bounce your ball to the right.

Hole #10 Par 4 – (D) Easy hole. Hazard left, huge trees on right . Huge fairway. Target right edge left bunker. (A) huge green. Go for the pin. Right side bunker so aim a little left of pin easy chip when short but don’t play aggressive since it’s hard to chip from back

Hole #11 Par 3 – Dont be too aggressive , easy to chip from front. Not an uphill green. Bunker both sides . Aim left of pin as wind tends to go from left to right all the time. Go for pin. Never do a fade or slice here because you’ll end up in the bunker on the right. Over club a little so you can miss the bunker at the front right side of green But if your gonna miss the green. Make sure you miss it short and left never right

Hole #12 Par 4 – (D) dog leg right , Ob left. Aim left side center to have a better shot at the green (a) uphill second shot with huge bunker on the left. Aim at right side of green. Try to miss the left side bunker at the front. Be aggressive as you can’t afford to be short. Green is uphill. Put short as putting from above the pin is too downhill and hard.

Hole #13 Par 4 – (d) longest and widest hole of the course so just keep it straight and long. OB on left side. (A) approach is crucial usually 200+ yards so prepare your 5 wood. Huge green so just hit the middle of the green regardless of pin placement.

Hole #14 Par 5 – (d) tight hole so it’s crucial to hit 80% so as not to hit tress both left and right. Better to put it left center of fairway for best second shot view of hole (a) many bunkers before the green. Don’t lay up as to third shot will be a hard one . Use three wood or five wood and be aggressive as possible. Aim right side of green

Hole #15 Par 3 – Aim center right side of green. Uphill green the goes right to left. Try to miss the bunker on the right though. 1st putt should be a little bit short of hole. Don’t putt aggressively because putting from above the hole is hard.

Hole #16 Par 4 – (D) keep a striaght drive. Left center as trees on the right can block ball to the green. (A) aim left side of green because bunkers are on the right and green is tight. If pin is on the left . Play short because usually pin will be at the front. Bunker on left back side of green. If pin is at the middle (go for pin) if pin is at the right , stay at the middle. Green to too tight to hit at the right side and bunker is at the right just a pin length before the hole.

Hole #17 Par 5 – (D) aim left center. Then do a lay up just before the last creek or you can hit a 3 wood depending on skill level and lie of shot . (A) approach shot should be easy. Aim left side of green as green tends to bounce to the right. Be aggressive as possible since huge bunker guard the right side of green . Usually pin is hidden at the right so try to just go for center or left center, I don’t recommend going for the right side even if pin is located there. Green will be huge so it won’t be a hard approach

Hole #18 Par 4 – Hazard left. Keep drive right center. Huge fairway but never go left. (A) usually 150 yards second shot depending on the drive. Deep bunker before green hazard left . Bunker at right side of green. Always finish strong with a strong shot that guarantees the ball going over all the hazard . Green stops so make sure you aim for pin. It’s one of those holes you want to go aggressive and aim for the pin. Never play short.

Play by Play Description submitted by Don Padllia


  • clubhouse
  • restaurant
  • practice facilities
  • pro shop
  • tee houses
  • locker rooms
  • showers
  • sauna/massage rooms
  • function rooms
  • hotel/accommodation
  • other amenities

Course Review

Canlubang Golf and Country Club Course Review

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  1. Doug

    Probably not worth trying to play here as a visitor. I called in advance, asked if visitors could play and explained my wife would be joining me as a non player. I asked if golf carts were available (“yes”) and if I needed to make a tee-time reservation (“no, just come out”).

    When I arrived it was lightly raining, but a golf cart with a cover would take care of that. “Sorry sir there are no golf carts”, was the answer, “walking only”. Needless to say that was not going to work in the rain and with a non-playing spouse along for the ride. We declined and drove back to Manila.

    I expected more from a golf club that is billed as one of the top courses in the country and charges very high fees. Skip this one.

    • GolfPH

      Hi Doug!

      Sorry to hear that your experience at Canlubang wasn’t a great one. We actually received your inquiry on November 10 and replied back, but never heard back from you. If you want to book next time with Canlubang, we will not only be able to get you a discount off green fees, but also guarantee you a tee time plus a golf cart. It’s a part of our service. This course treats GolfPH endorsed players really well and I hope that you will give this course another chance in the future or let us assist you in your next golfing needs in the Philippines!

      Thanks for letting us know!


  2. Albert Lynch

    I’m not your typical golfer – typical in the sense that I strive to get every golfing detail down, from attire to current tournament/events. I also do admit that I’m not the best golfer out there.

    What I do like about golf is the relaxation it brings. It probably has got to with the serene atmosphere that common greens provide. It also has got to be the sort of mental exercise it brings to players, trying to find out the best – and most effortless – way on sinking that hole. To sum it up, I’m an average, yet appreciative-to-the-game golfer!

    So it did made me smile when I got the chance to play at the Canlubang Golf & Country Club. What caught my attention was the large scale of the course: it was pure serenity, a setting of grand golfing proportions.

    There are actually 2 courses in the Canlubang Golf & Country Club, the North and South Courses. Apparently, the North Course is the harder of the two, so I politely chose the South Course instead. And I sure was in for a treat! The South Course gave me a great view of nearby Laguna Bay. It was a welcome distraction, considering that I’m actually having trouble on the “easy” course!

    What was most memorable on the South Course was the ravine. I didn’t expect that I would need to shoot over one! It was a good thing my caddie gave me the right advice – I saw my ball sail right over!

    I sure am coming back for more. I might even try the North Course for a change. For me, the Canlubang Golf & Country Club has lots of surprises in store, that every visit is sure to be different and more exciting!

  3. Alexis Lewington

    Canlubang still remains one of my favourite Golf clubs here. Both 18 holes are very different but the landscapes surrounding each include some lovely views and they are well maintained. Both courses have their fare share of challenging holes across either water or very deep ravines.

    The food is always excellent there especially the sizzling gambas and it’s so nice to sit on the verandah after 18 holes to watch other golfers attempt to finish either the 18th or 9th holes of the North Course.

    Playing at Canlubang is always a great day out, the staff are very accommodating.


    Nice course….good looking caddies……………


    Canlubang South Course is the prettiest course in southern Luzon – a real test but very enjoyable. The north course is tougher and generally gets the better of us. Order your sizzling gambas before you start to make sure you have something great to look forward to.

    • GolfPH Team

      exquisite taste! and youre right, their gambas is just awesome. good thing you enjoyed despite the challenges.

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